The chickens and dogs continue to enjoy the kiddy pool for water and an occassinal dip of the paws or foot. Chase especially loves the pool. He and the chickens meet around it every morning for a long cool drink of water as we try to change it out every other day to provide clean cool water for them. Having something to get up for in the morning besides work is rewarding and makes it easier to get moving. Happiness really comes for doing for other’s… people and animals alike 🙂

8 Comments on “Long Cool Drink of Water

  1. We tried a small kiddie pool (okay, a shallow Rubbermaid filled with water), and even on the hottest days, the chickens were totally freaked by it! Then they started perching on the edge and pooping in it. We are, apparently, not a kiddie pool household.

    • We haven’t had that problem with the chickens. They do perch on the side, but only to drink. I think it helps we have it up off the ground so it is a beek and dog nose height 😉 Sorry it didn’t work out for you 😦

  2. That is just the greatest idea for watering. We should do that for our big dogs. Hugs and nose kisses

    • They should enjoy the pool our Chase loves it and both dogs enjoy drinking out of it. 🙂 Let us knwow if they like it 🙂

  3. OH YES! I majorly agree. You know how it is sometimes very early in the morning when my dogs fuss around – my dogs really try to talk, they don’t bark or growl or anything like that – they literally try to wake me up when they want to toilet and it’s just a bolt of energy. You have to get up in the morning to give them food or let them toilet. It’s a good waking-up-thought actually! That little kiddie pool won’t work for me though. My lab would sit there all day and try to swim hahaha

    • Our lab doesn’t like the water so we don’t have that issue with him. My family always had labs that loved the water and would stay in my childhood kiddy pool all day 😉 It was a good way to keep them cool in the Florida heat 😉

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