Looking Back….

I was going though some old photos after my trip and came across these from the zoo in Nebraska we visited when we were out there in March for my Grandmother’s 80th birthday. There are some amazing animals there and this one tiger was very special.

It said he was hurt and had to lose his one leg, but has adapted and recovered well. The only issue I have with any zoo is some animals don’t seem to have enough room to roam, run, play. I know most zoos rotate which animals are outside in the free space and which ones are in the smaller spaces. It just makes me sad to not see them all in big spaces, but I guess that for some animals it’s better than the alternative and this zoo does have big outdoor spaces 🙂

There was also this one really funny ape that was playing with these stalks that look like paper streamers. He kept hiding under them then scaring the other apes as they passed or he would throw them up in the air and let them land on him. It was quite funny to watch and everyone was laughing so much. Funny how animals entertain themselves and us.

Well it is the start to another work week and I am already tired 😉 Hope this week goes smoothly for you all 🙂 Blessings 🙂