I was looking at this picture the other day and wondered….

What does heaven look like???  This picture was from a trip up in the sky on an airplane. It is peaceful and makes you relaxed as I imagine heaven is. I wondered if this is what the angels or God sees when he looks down from heaven. If so he has a peaceful view as I am sure heave is… peaceful. (I just hope when I get there I am not still scared of heights 😉 )

10 Comments on “I wonder what…

  1. I love to think of Heaven…I envision my Loved Ones young and healthy…serving Our Lord!! I picture beautiful Light, endless worship, big feasts, and lots of time for them to look down on us, and to ask the Lord to put His hedge of protection around us!! Amen!!

    Well done good and faithful servants!! Enjoy the view with our Lord!

    Great photo & post!!

    • What a wonderful picture sagescenery 🙂 I think we have similer ideas on heaven… thanks for the blessed comment and for coming by 🙂

  2. I love this…I’ve thought the same thing being in an airplane, flying in the clouds…feels like I imagine heaven. As a kid, I always wished I could float on them.

    • As a kid I always wondered what would happen if you stepped out of the plan onto the clouds. I had dreams of sitting on the cloudds and looking down at the land streatched out before me. Happy you can relate 🙂

  3. I picture heaven much like here on earth — only more beautiful or “celestial.” I picture family and friends all around me. As long as there is lots and lots of dark chocolate — and paper plates — I’ll be happy. 🙂

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