We have been painting some areas of the house as we noticed now that when we moved in we had not seen that there were 5 different yellow paints in two rooms and a hallway of the house. In an effort to be more uniform we have painted the hallway a new yellow color, the living room all the same yellow, and now we need to get the kitchen walls finished as they are all the same except 3 behind the fridge and beside the doorway out. We never noticed it as it was the same color as the hallway, but now it is noticeable as the hallway is a different yellow. I do not know what the woman was thinking when she had it painted this way, but it is more uniform now and a fresh coat of paint does the soul of a house good.

Chase helped us with some of the work. He inspected the painters tape…

Then watched and supervised as mommy and daddy painted…

At least now the hallway is one color, the living room one color, and the kitchen will be one color. All yellow, all different, but all the same in the same space 😉 My OCD brain feels much better 🙂

10 Comments on “Improvements…

  1. You’ve got a great supervisor there! Ha!

    Maybe there was a discount on the paint if the lady took what was left over in each shade of yellow!! Ha, again!

      • But good for blogging, because those of us who are a little older remember that some folks…more in the past than now…put different colored carpet in each room of the house, too!

        So then people like you come along to renovate and improve!! Well done!!

      • Funny you said that when hubby and I were first married we lived in his Grandmother’ home that had different colored carpet in every room. I thought it was crazy then it grows on you 😉

      • Funny…how lots of things “grow on” us as we get older…I guess we get tired of fighting the small stuff…we’re so busy handling the big stuff! Amen!

        Love hearing about your house!!

  2. I thought for sure you were going say that Chase was helping paint with his tail. When I painted the fence, Mama Kitty kept coming too close with her tail. Fortunately she didn’t put her tail on other surfaces!

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