I love my dogs…

I just needed to say that.

I can not imagine how people can harm an animal that has done nothing to provoke it. I may get upset when my boys act up or don’t listen, I may use a firm tone to correct behavior… but all they want is love and that is what I give them… lots of hugs, kisses, treats, walks, and love… Baxter and Chase I love you boys 🙂

14 Comments on “For the Love of Dogs…

  1. Yes I agree with you. Give your dog love, walks, understanding and food he likes and all is returned to you by being obedient and your ‘friend’ for life.
    it always up sets me to see or read about the cruelty some humans put those creatures through. How would they like to be treated like that?

  2. Dogs are the best, always glad to see you when you come home, never complain about what is for dinner, willingly warm your cold feet in the winter and will share your bed with you…if you do not take too much covers. They are both beautiful

  3. We love our dogs even the ones that are no longer with us, that is we miss them. You can see them at my blog, they are real cuties.

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