Preparing for the Storm

The TV news is abuzz with pending hurricane Sandy…. It is projected to slam our area and we are getting ready. It always amazes me how city people and country people differ in how they prepare for a storm. You would think country people would freak out more and get more as they are not as close to stores, shops, etc. It always amazes me though that city people buy more food/water/etc then they usually will use…. where country people are mostly prepared at all times and just get essentials or things they have run out of to last. Now I am not saying this to be mean, rude, or anything like that and I do not say it without my resources. In my area the grocery stores in the city sell out quicker and are busier in the days before a storm then the ones closer to the country folk. Also my city friends tend to tell me all the stuff they get and then what they have left over as usually their power (if it even goes out) come back quicker as the power companies tend to work from the cities out. So in preparation we are making sure our generator works, the chicken coop sides are put on to keep the water out, and all the things outside that can blow away are brought in or tied down. I took some time today to catch some fall leave pictures before the winds blew them away. Chase decided to help me out…

If the storm is also headed your way, I pray for safety for you and those you know that will be in the storm’s path. Have a safe weekend 🙂

Signs of Smiles :)

It smells like fall finally. 🙂 On my way home tonight I had my windows down and I smelled the leave and all the scents of fall. It was so nice after a long day.

Fall just starting…

There are certain things that make me happy when I see them or smell them… the smell of fall, cookies baking,  a butterfly, a rainbow, a bible, my dogs, and kiddos  are in that long list.

So when I get to smile at kids and dogs after a long day it does the heart good… I took these on Monday while watching kiddos for my friend. I love these kids and my pups 😉

“L” and Baxter

“M” and Chase

Fall Sky…

I posted a photo similar to this in the spring, but got another this fall. We were outside tonight hooking up the trailer for my Dad to take to get the electric in the brakes fixed and the sky was just too pretty to pass up. I just love to look at a sky and can stop for a moment and see it as a blessing 🙂 It was a busy weekend and I got a lot done. It promises to be a busy week. I hope you all have a blessed one 🙂

Bridge over calm waters…

Fall has finally started to arrive here in our part of Virginia. The leaves are changing and the weather has cooled.

It is such a nice time of year outside of the bad storms we had last night. Today we had time for a nice hike after work and dinner. We went on a new trail and had some fun. The dogs seemed to really enjoy all the new smells and sights 🙂 This weekend promises to hold some good weather for some more hiking. I have a lot of baking to do too… should be fun 🙂

Memories of Fall

It was a rainy day today… despite the rain we got some things outside done in the rain. The weather can not stop you if you have things to do and animals to care for. The dogs came in soaked and had to get a good brushing to get the stink out. They had fun running in the rain though and it was fun to watch.

I found this old picture in my archives from last fall and it just seems like a perfect fall evening with the moon in the background. I took it while out hiking the blue ridge mountains with the dogs. On a crazy fall note we found a black snake in the driveway this morning… not something you expect after it has been as cold as it has been. It was only a small one and appeared dead as it didn’t move when we picked it up with the shovel. Hopefully that is the last one I will see this year. Hope you have a good Tuesday 🙂

Where is fall ?

I miss spring…

But I love fall. It is my favorite season… I just wish it would act more like fall. You know cool days, sun, and changing leaves. Fall so far has been either warm days or cold day… where is the happy fall medium weather? Today was a little better cooler in the morning, yet it got a little too warm for fall this afternoon and the stink bugs came back. Do you have stink bugs where you live? They are annoying little bugs that have such a smell when you smash them. They are everywhere and have a way to get all in your house. I have even found them in my washing machine… yuck! Well it is Sunday and the start of another week… I hope you have a blessed one.

“All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name.”

Psalm 66:4


“I sought the Lord, and he heard me , and delivered me from all my fears”
Psalms 34:4


If a cat could be deep in thought I think this is what it would look like…

This is my friends cat (the cat of those precious kids you have seen in my posts). I just like the way the cat is looking out the window at the world. I wonder what he is thinking?

A friend loves at all time. – Proverbs 17:17

Mommy Play

So this past holiday weekend I got the privilege to watch these two cuties while their mom and dad were out-of-town…

We spent our time at the zoo, playing with the dogs and chickens, and reading. I got a little more practice playing mom with a 48 hour shift.

The kids feeding the animals at the zoo

Their puppy Lester also came along to be watched. Baxter and Chase had to learn how to share their house and people with another dog.

Baxter and Chase were starting to get used to him when they left. Now that my house is quiet and calm, it’s a little sad and almost too quiet.

Miscaculation and Many Projects

This past week you may have noticed an absence of my posts… well hubby and I took off some time from work to get projects done around the house and in the yard. We had a lot of help from our Supervisor Chase…

He made sure things were done up to his standards 😉 The first project we tackled was the kitchen floors. The old floor was lament and in bad shape in some areas…

Some of the old floor to the left under the new floor we put down…

So we replaced it with a new ceramic floor…

The boys on the new floor

Then hubby got sick for a few days so the next big project we put off until this past weekend when my mom and her husband could come help. Our old chicken run had been blown down/apart by all the bad winds this past year. The girls were in need of a new safer run. We had built them a house out of some old rabbit hutch’s and they love them as they are off the ground and have plenty of space for 10 chickens. I made a plan to build the coop to be 16 ft long by 8 foot high and wide…

So if you didn’t catch that 8 foot tall… hubby is almost 6 foot so I wanted to make sure he didn’t have to bend or hit his head like he did on the last coop. So I made it a little tall… oh well.

The girls seem to love their new home and are spending more time in the new run then they did in the old one. We plan to add some roosts on the sides and place to store things as well as tarp’s or siding for this winter so the run is safe and dry.

I wanted to update you on our girls too especially our hurt girl. She is getting better and gaining some needed weight…

The lady who was hurt

Compared to the other girls she still has some weight to gain, but we are happy she is alive and accepted back into her flock/brood 🙂

One of the other ladies

Other than that while we were on our staycation (a stay at home vacation) I got some canning done, magazines read, and cleaning done. For dinner tonight we had my Baxter’s Potato Kale Chowder. It was so yummy and made my migraine better. That should bring you up to date… have a good rest of the week 🙂