So this past holiday weekend I got the privilege to watch these two cuties while their mom and dad were out-of-town…

We spent our time at the zoo, playing with the dogs and chickens, and reading. I got a little more practice playing mom with a 48 hour shift.

The kids feeding the animals at the zoo

Their puppy Lester also came along to be watched. Baxter and Chase had to learn how to share their house and people with another dog.

Baxter and Chase were starting to get used to him when they left. Now that my house is quiet and calm, it’s a little sad and almost too quiet.

12 Comments on “Mommy Play

  1. How did you get my hyper dog to sit still for a picture?! It’s so cute 🙂

      • Funny how things like that happen… I was told once we all have a twin in the world even if we are not related 😉

      • I was just thinking about that concept. (It’s related to the story idea someone contributed to the contest that’s going on over at my blog right now . . . )

  2. I know that feeling well, when the grandkids are gone, the mess is cleaned up, and the house returns to normalcy – I miss them.

    • It is much quiter and gives you time to think, but there is no fun in that 😉

    • The little girl didn’t want to leave 😉 I love when they visit 🙂

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