If a cat could be deep in thought I think this is what it would look like…

This is my friends cat (the cat of those precious kids you have seen in my posts). I just like the way the cat is looking out the window at the world. I wonder what he is thinking?

A friend loves at all time. – Proverbs 17:17

10 Comments on “Thought…

    • Even with kids in the house she has learned to stay calm and focused 😉

  1. We have a tomcat that we originally thought was female when we rescued him. He along with several other kittens and the mother cat were dumped out in a box close to our house about 3 Thanksgivings ago. My daughter and son have carried that cat around and played with him so much, he just hangs around here all the time (not like the normal tomcat). Anyway his name was Clementine, but since discovering she was actually a he, we opted for Clem. 🙂 Cats are absolutely fascinating to watch. Thanks for posting this pic. I too wonder what he’s thinking.

    • Thanks for the comment that is interesting 🙂 Cats are more mysterious then dogs and sometimes harder to read 🙂

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