I miss spring…

But I love fall. It is my favorite season… I just wish it would act more like fall. You know cool days, sun, and changing leaves. Fall so far has been either warm days or cold day… where is the happy fall medium weather? Today was a little better cooler in the morning, yet it got a little too warm for fall this afternoon and the stink bugs came back. Do you have stink bugs where you live? They are annoying little bugs that have such a smell when you smash them. They are everywhere and have a way to get all in your house. I have even found them in my washing machine… yuck! Well it is Sunday and the start of another week… I hope you have a blessed one.

“All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name.”

Psalm 66:4

12 Comments on “Where is fall ?

  1. We’re in southwest Tennessee and we don’t see a whole lot of stink bugs (every now and then) but we have plenty of ladybugs!!! I’m sure it’s probably cruel, but I just vacuum them up and take them outside. 🙂 They stink a little, too.

    • Where my father had his farm in KY there were a lot of ladybugs. Once a year after he was paralized we used to go up there to just clean the lady bugs out of the house. 🙂

  2. We don’t have a lot of stink bugs where I live, but lately a whole lot of these grey colored caterpillars. They kind of look like crane fly larvae which we had a lot of last year towards the end of winter / beginning of spring. Fall is my favorite too!

    • Those don’t sound fun either 😦 Glad to find a fellow fall lover 🙂

  3. Our colors are beautiful right now in western NY, but a few more windy days like today will put an end to that. Not a lot of stink bugs, at least around our house, but I’m noticing a LOT of bees right now. Enjoyed your post. Love the verse.

    • It sounds beautiful I love when the leaves change. Thanks for the wonderful and kind complement about my post 🙂

  4. It’s been funny year for weather hasn’t it? It’s the flies that are driving us crazy right now, just when we think they’ve gone the weather warms up and they’re back again!

    • You are so right. It was so cold this morning then the weather says it will warm up later today. I am not sure i like this weather that doesn’t make up it’s mind, but I guess it is better then the heat we had this summer 🙂 Sorry about your flies 😦

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