The TV news is abuzz with pending hurricane Sandy…. It is projected to slam our area and we are getting ready. It always amazes me how city people and country people differ in how they prepare for a storm. You would think country people would freak out more and get more as they are not as close to stores, shops, etc. It always amazes me though that city people buy more food/water/etc then they usually will use…. where country people are mostly prepared at all times and just get essentials or things they have run out of to last. Now I am not saying this to be mean, rude, or anything like that and I do not say it without my resources. In my area the grocery stores in the city sell out quicker and are busier in the days before a storm then the ones closer to the country folk. Also my city friends tend to tell me all the stuff they get and then what they have left over as usually their power (if it even goes out) come back quicker as the power companies tend to work from the cities out. So in preparation we are making sure our generator works, the chicken coop sides are put on to keep the water out, and all the things outside that can blow away are brought in or tied down. I took some time today to catch some fall leave pictures before the winds blew them away. Chase decided to help me out…

If the storm is also headed your way, I pray for safety for you and those you know that will be in the storm’s path. Have a safe weekend 🙂

40 Comments on “Preparing for the Storm

  1. You are right. We live in the country and have items prepared for those “just in case” times. You will be in our prayers that all goes well. Cheryl

  2. It is coming our way, according to the latest weather map, we may see a lot of rain in Maryland. We are at the very northern tip of the Eastern Shore and definately in the country.

    We survived 15 years of Florida weather – so we will be ready. My only concern is if the electric goes out. I have two freezers filled with vegs frozen from my garden. And, another with meat. I usually freeze several plastic containers of ice and put in each freezer.

  3. It’s hard to believe some people are absolutely unprepared for any emergency isn’t it? I mean zero prepared. They can’t even make it 3 days without going to the store.

    • I know I am with you 🙂 I think being raised with so many differnt weather threats… tornados, hurricanes, snow… that I am constent prep mode 🙂

  4. I spent yesterday taking in all the potential projectiles from the various gardens, emptying the rain barrels, moving the wicker furniture and securing the barn door in case of extreme wind. We lived in tornado country most of our lives and thought we were done with those types of storms but this will be our second hurricane up here in the North. May we all get rain if needed but no damage. And, of course, may the electricity stay on so we don’t lose our summer harvest.

    • We have family in tornado country and that is where my mom grew up so all my life I have been taught to be preared, as it sounds like you are too. I hope none of us loose our summer harvest 🙂

  5. This time it’s not barreling down on us, so I have lots of time to pray for all of you that might be in Hurricane Sandy’s path!! Plus, I have friends and family that may feel the impact! Yes, be prepared, and I’ll pray the hurricane goes out to sea!! God Bless!

  6. Hope you all weather the storm well!!! I am out of touch with the news & such lately but I have heard this is a BIG one!! My prayers are with y’all!!

  7. Interesting point of view. We tend to have power outages during storms as well, but they don’t usually last more than 8 hours at the most. We’ve never had to use a generator. I just love Chase. So adorable!!!

    • Thanks… We loose power some too when we have bad winds. We needed a generator the last time o two we lost power, but our’s was broke. I am so glad Chase could give you a smile 🙂

    • We lost power for a while from Monday to Wednesday early, a few trees (one almost on the house had it gone a differnt way it would have gotten the room my dad is in), and we are flooded… but the house is safe, the barns still up, and chicken coop held well so we are blessed it was not worse and I am grateful with no complaint as I finally got a shower today and can get back to thing 🙂 Thanks for the concern: )

  8. NIce blog. Glad to hear you and yours are okay! Thanks for checking out my blog. I have been taught some preparedness since I was a teen! I think part of it was that we spent time at our family cabin in the woods. You had to turn on the power and the water pump. You had to wait for the fireplace/woodstove to heat up the structure. YOu had to cut wood! I am grateful for those little lessons that have brought me to today! Sounds like you are too! God bless.

    • Australian Terri I have not heard of I iwll have to check that out. Our Chase is like a child to us since we have not been blessed with kids yet. So glad you commented 🙂

  9. You are well grounded then. When we had the tornado swarm here in Alabama last year I think we all panicked a bit. The power was out for a week here and in the whole of N. Alabama there were no generators, gas cans, charcoal or bottled water to be found. Weirdly, whenever there is news of imminent bad weather, the first things to go off the shelves are bread and milk! We went to Tennessee for charcoal and gas, and I grabbed the last two bags of charcoal off the shelf. Then when I stood in line listening to others complain about what they couldn’t find I felt silly and a bit guilty. I only purchased one bag of charcoal and gave the other bag back. We do act irrationally in times of duress. Oh, and as it turned out one bag of charcoal was all that we needed that week. 😉

    • We try to stay prepared at all times as you never know. Being prepared was instiled in me as a kid living in hurricaine country and sometimes in tornado country. You never knew and you never wanted to go out last minute to get stuff. People who get cold staples I think have no clue if the power goes out or if something happens that does no good or sopils too fast… amatures 😉

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