Some things that I see instantly make me think of the beauty of God… rainbows, beautiful days, a baby, and on my birthday trip to the zoo butterflies. It would seem that a creature like a butterfly with its delicate wings and big body would have a hard time flying as gracefully as it does…

But somehow it does. I would also thing landing on something hard like a leaf the wings would tear….

But they don’t…

It is one reason I really love butterfly gardens and the beautiful creature God created… the butterfly. Like all of God creatures, including us… we are all special and have a purpose 🙂

12 Comments on “Beauty of Flight

  1. We saw so many beautiful butterflies on the beach in Florida… their migration was in full swing. It was so funny to see a butterfly hovering over four lanes of traffic, like it knew exactly where the next turn was on it’s path. Amazing that they are so resilient to fly so many miles.

    • I am not sure what kind they are but have to be fairly local I would guess as they are in DC. I think they are beautiful too 🙂

  2. There is definitely something magical about butterflies! Normally I do not like insect-type things landing on me, but butterflies can land on me anytime they want!

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