I saw this guy while at the zoo…

He was so bright and vibrant in color it was such a good picture opportunity. I am still keeping my weekend in mind as I go throughout this week as it was so much fun. I also think I have to store up memories like this as when hubby and I get our farm dream these opportunities will be less as the farm and family will come first. Not that we won’t go to the zoo, but it will have to be planed around the animals, crops, and family. That being said… I loved the zoo and I still have so many cool animal pictures to share… sorry if it get’s boring I just love these animal photos 🙂

12 Comments on “Toucan’s Can

  1. Never boring, you keep posting what you love, I love animals too and its really nice to have a break from everyday life and just enjoy the beautiful creatures God has made through your pictures! The bird is beautiful and so colorful, I needed to see this pic, today, it lifted my spirits!! Have a great day.

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