I spent some time tonight looking over some older photos that my father-in-law downloaded from hubby’s computer as his crashed. So now I didn’t lose the photos 🙂 I was looking over the photos from hubby’s and my engagement weekend and came across some photos of sand art that was on the beach where we got engaged…

There are so many things I remember from that weekend, but without these photos and other’s I would have forgotten some things…. like the sand art, how we looked back then, and things going on at the beach. That is the great thing about photos… they help you preserve memories and happy times to look back on and smile 🙂

8 Comments on “Found… sand art

  1. Yes I agre with what you say – photos help us to remember and relive those magical moments

  2. What a great work, and you preserved it. I always wonder at people who create artwork that will almost immediately be destroyed. First, their talents are amazing. Second, why would they want to spend that much time when it will be wiped away with a wave? I feel guilty reading a book sometimes because it is soon faded in my memory, and I have spent precious time reading it. I worry more about being useful, efficient, productive, and yet I do waste thousands of hours. Anyway, your post made me reflect on life’s meanings. Lovely post, lovely picture, lovely work of art.

    • I am not sure why they do it but it is cool… even if it is just there briefly 😉 So glad my post was thought provoking 🙂

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