Today is a day to be thankful… to count your blessings… to realize how good we have it despite our struggles… a day to praise God for all he has given us… a day… but why just a day? Why do we wait untill Thanksgiving or Christmas to tell those around us we love them, we forgive them, we need forgiveness, we are grateful… this should happen each day as we never know when it will be our last opportunity to say… I love you… I’m sorry… I forgive you… I am grateful.

God… I am grateful for my salvation and the promise of heaven… I love you.

So for my husband… I am grateful for your love, patience, and support… I love you.

My Mom… I am grateful for your support, help, and letting me try so many things when I was growing up… I love you.

My Dad… I am grateful for you teaching me to work hard and not be limited by being a girl… I love you.

My Grandmother… I am grateful for you teaching me about baking and being patient while I learned… I love you.

My Pups… I am grateful for your unconditional love and for making me smile… I love you.

My friends… I am grateful for your friendship and support… You are important to me.

My blog followers… I am grateful you find the time to read my blog, comment, and like my posts… I feel blessed so many of you stop by daily 🙂


8 Comments on “Thankful Day…

  1. What a nice post. We are thankful and honored to be your blogging friends. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Wonderful post. I am very thankful for your blogging friendship too. Love your posts and the way your write. Have a great weekend and thank you for you!

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