Family Focus… White Christmas

Yesterday was WINDY… so much so we have had to take down some of our Christmas decorations outside and our table on the back porch almost flew off. The chickens are not allowed out as it would appear they may blow off. That put a little damper on yesterday as last night we had surprised my Grandmother and took her my mom and step-father to see White Christmas at the Kennedy Center.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It was also a little more difficult as Friday my Grandmother fell out in front of the house and fractured her pelvis and sprained her shoulder so we were in the hospital most of the day. She is doing okay despite the injuries and using a walker to get around.  We have been planning this show for a long time so we just made the best of it 🙂 When things seem to get in the way… we just changed our plans to make the best of it. Things often don’t go as planed when more then two people are involved (or even just two), but when you focus on the family aspect. you can figure out how to make it work so the overall goal is obtained.

This weeks topic is LOVE 🙂