De Planes…

Lorne n planeHubby at the museum looking at all the planes. I liked the light squares in the photo and the light dark contrasts. The museum I spoke of yesterday had a lot of neat planes that if I heard right were actually flown at some point. It would be worth going back to when the weather is warmer and we can see the outside exhibits more.

Birthday Trip…

The other weekend we went to the Marine Corps Museum to check it out for hubbys birthday. They had a lot of history that hubby knew or enjoyed learning about. I also enjoyed reading about the history and trying out some indoor settings on my camera. Hope you enjoy some of the shots I got… Statue

Peeking ManMan n gun

Re “cooping”

Still taking it easy after work. Hoping this cold will go away, but still had to get things done 🙂 The dogs are sleeping in their chair and the chickens are in their run for the day due to the ice storm…chick

The fire is going, everyone is warm, and to be fed shortly 🙂 Hope you have a blessed week 🙂

Chicken Helper

I think I got a touch of a cold today so I stayed inside and did the chores that needed to get done before napping and then making dinner. I had to check on the chickens and get the eggs as hubby let them out before work. Chase is my chicken helper… He loves to go out to the coop with me and keeps me company while I do the chores there. Today he posed for me in the snow 🙂 Chase Face

What a good and handsome boy he is 🙂

The snow melted some today and the “ladies” ventured further out in the yard and explored more. I think the patches of grass that poked though the snow helped. 2 chicks

This week is scheduled to be a busy one and I hope to have some time to rest and get rid of this cold. I hope you all are doing well and have a blessed week 🙂

Snowy Calm

The chickens were getting braver today in the snow and ventured out to see what they could eat. chkn snow

It was such a pretty day. After a little more heavy snow this morning, this afternoon the snow was falling softly and it was so calming to see. Once hubby got home we cleared the driveway, provided the chickens with fresh food and water, and hauled in some more wood for a fire tonight. One time today the snow was falling so lightly and a cardinal flew across the back yard. It was just a great moment, the bright red of the bird against the white snow and green trees 🙂 Hope you got to experience some beauty today in your life 🙂

Happy Birthday To…

Hubby 🙂 Lornes Cake

Today is hubbys birthday. I won’t tell you how old he is to save him 😉 I made him the above funfetti cake with buttercream icing from scratch… his favorite. He wanted chinese for dinner and with the additional snow we got today (2 more inches) it was nice to be inside after work baking 🙂

In honor of hubbys birthday I will tell you why he is special to me: he has wonderful dreams, he is a hard worker, he supports my hobbies, he is a good puppy daddy, he has allowed my Dad to live with us, his belief in God, he has the best sense of humor and keeps me laughing, he deals with me when I have migraines, he helps me with my garden and reminds me when things need to be watered or picked, and he is honest 🙂 I could go on and on, but I will just state…

Happy Birthday Hubby Love You!

I woke up this morning and saw…

SnowSnow 2Snow 3

Isn’t it lovely? Got a couple of inches total… just enough to make things look pretty and clean 🙂

Baby chicks… looking back

I thought I would share a photo I found of our “ladies” when they were just “chicks”…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Hope you have a blessed week 🙂

January Birthdays

Cardinal 2We have a lot of January Birthdays in our family. My step-fathers birthday was yesterday, hubby’s aunts was earlier this month, my hubbys is in a week, and his brother’s is the day after. Then we have a bunch of friends too…. so it’s a month of celebration of life to start off the year 🙂  Any of you out there have a January birthday?

Funny chickens…

One of the “ladies” enjoying the last of the snow…

Snow chkn

I think they like to eat the snow for water rather then drinking all the fresh water we had out for them… Funny chickens 🙂

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