Its January 1st, 2o13… Happy New Year to all my followers and visitors. Its time to get started and focus on some dreams we have and the main one is achieving our dream of a farm/ranch. ducks n pond

In order to do this we need to do a few things… pick a location, figure out how to fund our dream, and figure out the details about how to get to the goal. We know some of the bigger details (and some of the smaller ones)…. we want a good amount more land then we have now, we want to have goats/chickens/cattle/ and maybe pigs, we want to have some crops like hay to support the animals feed, and we want a large garden that will give us the veggies/fruits we need and will be able to can for the winter months. Tractor

All of this in efforts to live a life for God, live more for our self suffency,  and to raise our kids (if we may be blessed with them) in this farming/ranching lifestyle. We know it won’t be easy, it won’t always be fun, but it will provide us with more self-sufficiency and a way to contribute to the greater good.

Have you had a dream similer to ours and if so any practical advice on how to get to our goal?

20 Comments on “2013 Seasonsgirl

  1. Hi,
    Happy New Year, and I hope all your dreams and goals happen for you in this brand New Year. 🙂
    Great photos, looks like you have had plenty of snow.

    • I apperciate your well wishes. I don’t think we will get it all done this year, but maybe in the next couple of years 🙂 Hopefully we can get a good start this year 😉 Glad you liked the photos we did have a lot of snow and the gease were all around our neighbors pond 🙂

  2. Sounds a lot like our dreams. We are looking for a smaller piece of land around us, as land is still expensive, but maybe a large piece someday. Good luck in your endeavors.

    • Yes land is expensive… we have a small piece of land too, not enough to do what we would like. I hope you get your dreams also 🙂

    • Thank you… we are trying to sell them right now… they were bought to be fixed up and sold… if you know anyone that wants them let me know 😉 I love their appeal for the property and the old feeling they have, but we need the cash for our farm dream 🙂

    • Probably have to move, but need to save the money first to get what we want. We have been looking. It is a process 🙂 Thanks for the support 🙂

  3. Wow! you have BIG dreams, your dreams are beautiful 🙂 I wish for you and your husband all your dreams come true, hope 2013 will be an amazing year 🙂 xxx

    • We like to dream big… if you get a part of it then that is pretty good 😉 Thank you for the well wishes we apperciate them 🙂 Hope your 2013 is great as well 🙂

  4. It’s kind of an inactive pipe dream over here, but I think we both have it, and . . . at least we have a garden. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  5. A very happy new year to you! I hope 2013 brings you much closer to realising your dream. I have no advice about going the farming / self-sufficiency route, but when we had a dream of moving (back, for my husband) to the UK, we worked steadily towards our goal and kept believing we would get here. When we did, a friend said, “Gosh, you guys have talked about it for years, but I didn’t think you actually *would*!” We never had much doubt, ourselves, but did turn to God for guidance on the particulars.

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