One of the “ladies” enjoying the last of the snow…

Snow chkn

I think they like to eat the snow for water rather then drinking all the fresh water we had out for them… Funny chickens 🙂

30 Comments on “Funny chickens…

  1. These ladies are funny! Are they for their eggs and/or eating too? I am such an animal lover I don’t think I could every raise any kind of animal or fowl and eat it! I guess I would become a vegetarian! As long as I don’t know it personally I will eat it without batting an eye, but….:)

    • They are for eggs mostly… not sure what we will do when they stop laying, but for now just eggs. I was raised on a semi farm with chickens and goats (occassional cow or pig my uncle had and my other uncle had cows) so I learned you eat some of your animals, but as an adult I am trying to figure out what I think about it. Some animals are easier not to get attached to then others 😉

  2. Hej from Sweden!
    That’s so cute. We have a ton of snow again and when I go in to check on the chickens, they started to peck at the snow left by my boots. I decided to take a bowl from the stable and just scoop up snow for them to eat inside their cozy home . They all enjoy it!

  3. Maybe it has ‘stuff’ in it that is good for them. My dog likes drinking from streams and puddles.But she will drink ‘tap’ water

  4. gorgeous picture! my chooks HATED the snow and just would not go near it. I guess it didn’t help that the kids were throwing snowballs! x

  5. They are funny. Ours won’t step out if they even see snow. Good thing their run is covered or they wouldn’t come out until May up here.

    • Our run is covered too in the winter. Our ladies love the rain (as long as it isn’t too hard). They are learning to figure out snow and other weather 😉

  6. It seems your chickens got that snow all figured out and enjoyed it. Love the picture. Your chickens look healthy and happy. Hugs

    • I think they do as long is there a path so they have a choice if they want to walk on the snow or not 😉 We try to keep our ladies happy and healthy… happy birds more eggs 😉

  7. Thank you for stopping by our blog earlier today. Glad to have found you. I enjoy the focus on images. This demands that we stop and savor the moment, as you do. Lovely blog.

    • So happy you enjoy my photos and blog. I like to find a photo and then find the story. I do try to savor the positive moments 🙂

  8. She’s a lovely lady! My girls aren’t fond of stepping in the snow (they need a tramped down path) but I think they must eat/drink it because their water seems to stay the same height all day long!

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