SnowSnow 2Snow 3

Isn’t it lovely? Got a couple of inches total… just enough to make things look pretty and clean 🙂

23 Comments on “I woke up this morning and saw…

    • It was 8* here when I woke up so a lot more cold… my nose was frezing going to let the chickens out 😉 80* is a bit warm 😉

    • I love the snow just not the freezing temps 😉 We have been in the teens and low twenties all week… our chicken bucket is in a constent state of frozen so like you we haul water out there a couple times a day 🙂

  1. Yes it is beautiful! Just a few inches covers most everything just enough to change the ordinary into the extraordinary. We got about 4 inches in Ohio just this morning and it’s gorgeous.

  2. Loved seeing your snow photos! Brings back memories of living in Northwest NJ. but, my sister in New York says she’s freezing up there, so since I haven’t seen any snow here in FL…I’m staying here in 70 degree weather…and enjoying your photos! Thanks!!

    • It is very cold here it’s been in the teens and low twenties… but I do love the snow and am happy to share it with you through photos 🙂

  3. Thanks for liking our blog!
    Your farm is beautiful! We LOVE Virginia… definitely some beautiful countryside. And my favorite farmer, Joel Salatin, is in your state. I definitely suggest a day trip to his farm, Polyface Farm!

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