Beauty at sunset

It was a nicer day today and the sky at sunset was pretty with all the blues and purples… Sky BarnThe sky is always so pretty over our neighbors barn. I love to look at the clouds moving over the mountains and the fields towards our house. It is neat to see how the cloud move the colors along 🙂 It was a nice reminder that after the rain comes the sun 🙂

Illuminating Blogger Award

I have been nominated for yet another award from a very sweet lady… Correna at Correna’s Thoughts.  She has many great hobbies and thoughts she shares. She has many wonderful recipes you should check out and her dog is a cutie 🙂  She has a wonderful grasp on her faith, which I enjoy about her posts 🙂 light bulb concept

So now the rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award…

The Rules:

Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you (see above)

Say a few words of gratitude on your blog and follow the link (see above)

Share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers

About Me:

I am a country girl at heart. I would rather be on a farm tending animals or working in the garden than anywhere else on earth. I have a strong faith in God, even when things are tough (as they were this past year), I keep having faith that our dreams will come true some day. I have a strong, loving, and hard-working husband who I am blessed to know his love.  I love animals, especially my two pups Baxter and Chase. They are my bright spot in each day and bless my life. I love to help others especially kids. I also enjoy raising the chickens we have and getting fresh eggs. I enjoy scrapbooking, canning, crafts,  and cooking… yet my big hobby is baking 🙂

Now for the nominations…

I just adore the blog  by Anne. She is a hard-working lady who always seeks to have great animal care for her feed yard in Nebraska. She has drive, ambition, and is one smart lady 🙂 Every time I read her blog I learn so much and am inspired 🙂

Another lady’s blog I enjoy is She has a farm where she raises goats and also goes to Paris to see the ballet 🙂 I just love that she can fit in to the country or the city (just like me).

I just came across the blog by Meghan. She is another country girl and her blog is just smack full of information. I think any farmer/rancher is an inspiration especially one who does as much as it seems Meghan does.

Another blog you might enjoy as I do is It is a great blog with many topics including gardening, animals, and story about her grandkids. It is a good place to get a smile 🙂

Need a good scripture for thought or to lift you up, a funny picture, or a little glimpse of sunny Florida ? Visit She also has a really cute husky dog that seems to love his Florida home. I like this blog as Florida is where I was born so it is nice to be able to visit it though this blog 🙂

I have a few more, but since it says 5 I will keep the other’s for another award. Congrats ladies and keep up the good blogging 🙂

Sunny Sunday

It is a sunny and finally nice Sunday (despite the wind) 🙂Church

The weather is finally over 40* and the dogs are finally outside for more than five minutes 🙂 They seem to love sunning on the deck to get warm. It is nice to see the sun after so many cloudy, rainy, yucky days. It makes me motivated to get things done. Hope you all get things done and get to relax today. Have a blessed week 🙂

God Smiles

Today is another therapy dog day. Baxter seems excited to be going somewhere and he has a special friend joining us. The day started out foggy… So foggy I couldn’t even see the neighbors barn. It is sleeting a little and rainy, but I am glad no snow as the chickens can still get out. I also can’t complain considering I know a lot of you are having lots of snow . The sun sets have been quite pretty in our part of the country despite the bad weather.Sky shine

I always look at the rays coming out of the cloud and am grateful for all the gifts God has given us. The rays just seem like a smile from God 🙂 I hope you have a blessed and warmer Saturday 🙂

I Spy…

a duck…Duck Cloud

When I was a little girl one of the games my family use to play in the car was ‘ I spy’.  These were in the days that there was no in-car TV to watch movies, game boys, or electronic devices so you actually had to look out the window, keep yourself entertained, and be creative. My mom and I started to play ‘I spy’ in the clouds and we would look into the clouds and find a cloud shaped like something and then the rest of the people in the car had to try to find it and the first person who did got to go next. It’s a version of ‘I spy’ with things or colors and I loved to look at the clouds. As a kid I played a lot of car games to keep busy, but I have to say cloud watching was one of my favorite 🙂


I woke up this morning expecting snow… All the weather channels said it was supposed to… Yet there was no snow instead this is what I saw on the trees…tree dew

I can’t say I was disappointed. I really didn’t want snow today. I know I usually love snow, but I am ready for some warm weather so I can be outside more and get things done 🙂 Dew tree

I hope you Dew have a good weekend 😉

My Dog Could Win Westminster…

So I admit it… I have been hooked the last two night to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Now I have two mixed bread dogs so I know they can not win this dog show…. but they have won the Dog of My Heart Show.Chase n Bax

I love Baxter for his patients, smarts, ability to sleep when I need him to, and his great work as a therapy dog 🙂Bax snow face

I love Chase for his energy, loyalty, ability to try his hardest to do what I ask of him, and his cute little face I just LOVE 🙂Chase jacket

I could say many more great things about my pups…. but you can tell I love them, as they are often the center of my blog and my happiness 😉

You’re Gonna Miss This

I was thinking after a yummy supper Sunday with friends that with all we have been walking though with the Lord that I am in need of a slow down. The song by Trace Adkins came to mind… You’re Gonna Miss This.

If you are not familiar with the song it starts out talking about a young girl that wants to grow up too fast. First she is anxious to get out on her own and have her own place. It then shows her as a young adult in her own place and all she wants is to be married and own a home. The next part of the song is about her getting married and then all she wants is kids. It finally ends with her having kids and wishing they would be older and easier to care for. In each stage of her life she has someone tell her to slow down, appreciate what she has in the moment, as when it is gone she is going to miss that stage of her life. Now I may not have the song exact, but it is my best description of what I see in the song.

It got me to thinking about how in each part of my life I have been really good at accepting and enjoying each phase as it came. When I wasn’t I would pray about it then somehow be able to go back to being happy right where I was. That was untill I was more than two years into infertility treatment. So I looked to this song to provide some perspective and ability to continue to hope and have faith for the future.

If you want to check it out go to… It is a good reminder no matter where you are to be grateful. I need to work on being content, as I have said before I have a loving husband, two fun-loving pups, a home, chickens (and their yummy eggs), family, and a job.bax snow Goodness from God 🙂

Chicken Sunday

No not an ice cream sunday with chicken…. it’s Sunday and here is a photo of one of our “ladies”….chicken

I had a decent start to my week considering some not so happy things happened last week. I’m turning it over to God in hopes he will make things good. I was thinking about dreaming and reality and how sometimes we have to be where we are to get where we want to be. I know that may not make sense, but in my head it just means to be content. Contentment leads to feeling blessed and not to wanting more. The pastor talked today about utilizing our resources (money, time, etc) in a way that God would want us to and not use it to just get more “stuff” we don’t need. I think that is a good idea especially since saving and not spending is a good way to save for our goals 🙂 It also means to keep spending time with those people that support my/our growth and aid our process towards our goals. In other words reflection on the bad and continuing to walk though it provides me a different perception that I may not have if things went as smoothly for us as it does for some of those around us. I may not know what the future holds… but I do know who holds our future 🙂


Brownie Cake Pops

I enjoy being my own person and don’t like to really follow trends, or styles, etc. Yet sometimes things are cute or a good idea to me so I try them. I got a cake pop pan this past Halloween as my step-father wanted some of those cake pops… so I made some for his birthday. Recently I decided to make some brownies for the super bowel party we were attending and I got to thinking I bet they would make good cake pops too… so Chase and I set about to makes some…Chase

Normally I make all things dessert from scratch, but I had been given a gluten-free brownie mix for Christmas and decided to try it. Feb  (12)

You put the brownie mix, milk, applesauce, etc in and mix…Feb  (13)

Then I used a small ice cream scoop to put the batter into the cake pop pan and baked at 350* for 12 minutes and placed a stick in them once they were cooled enough to pop out of the pan…Feb  (15)

Finally I used melting chocolate and dipped them in adding sprinkles in the coordinating colors of the teams playing in the Superbowl…Feb  (10)

They were a big hit with the family and with my co-workers (who I saved some for and took in the next day 😉 )… I think this is a trend I can make my own 🙂

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