I have been thinking a lot lately about hubby’s and my dreams…Star

Right now we have two major goals…

1.) Go through infertility treatment and try to have a family

2.) Save and work towards getting more land for our dream farm/ranch

Knowing how big and expensive these goals are I know we need to make a plan and follow through. In the mean time while the pieces come together I dream of the farm/ranch and the first steps we need to take. After getting the land we will need to get good fencing up, then we will need to get the animals and what we need to care for them. Hubby and I have experience with animals as hubby is a butcher and we both had experience raising animals when we were younger. I know we will have our chickens and I think we will start out with some goats and maybe pigs. So to get to know what we will need to do to take the best care of these animals we are studying, reading, and learning all we can about animal care. Just like we did before we got the chickens. I am also thinking of seeing if there are agriculture classes near us I can take or online classes. Seems like we have a lot to do in order to get started… I’m already exhausted 😉

18 Comments on “Dreaming…

  1. I occurs to me you are dreaming with God. He knows you, has been fashioning you and loves to partner with you to see your dreams come true. I bless your dreams, your finances, your family and declare abundance of every good thing. Keep dreaming!

    • Yes, we definatly are dreaming with God 🙂 There is no other way for us 🙂 Thank you for your blessings and encouragement 🙂

      • You’re welcome. Interestingly, I find you in my prayers frequently so know God is busy working on your behalf. Look forward to hearing of good things as they happen.

      • Thank you we really apperciate it. When we tell some of those close to us our dreams they are not always supportive or understanding. It is nice to have a prayer and support… I am very greatful for your prayers and kind words 🙂

  2. Hej from Sweden!
    I wish for you a family and all the land you want for your farm. I understand the treatment can be quite intense. I wish you all the best,
    Have you ever thought about adoption? There are a lot of children in the US and the world who need a loving family. So many poor babies and children have lost parents in the unrest that is in many parts of the world today. Just a thought.
    May your dreams begin to take root in this new year 2013!

    • We have thought about adoption, it is just expensive and that is why we can only do the infertility TX that my insuance covers. If we can not have a kids on our own we have thought about saving for adoption. In my job I do work with many adopted kids (unfortunatly sometimes I only see the negatives of it, but know there are so many positives). Thank you for the constent support and well wishes for this year and our dreams to take root 🙂

  3. The very best wishes in achieving all of your goals. NOFA NH has some wonderful Beginner Farmer classes here. We have dwarf Nigerian goats. The kids love them, and my daughter has been successfully milking one doe for over a year now. Nice animals.

    • Thank you for the info and good wishes. I will check out NOFA NH online and see what they have or if that have a satalight school near us. Goats are great… I loved having them as a kid and it will make great memories for your daughter 🙂

  4. Blessing to you with both of these big goals. If there is any cow or calf info you are interested in just ask, and I’ll see what I can help you with. Other animals I’m less knowledgable about, but I would definitely check with the area college or extension service and see what they may have for training or Ed. Good luck & God bless!

    • Thanks for the help and input. We plan to start out with our chickens and goats and move then to pigs and then possiably cows so if we get there I will keep you in mind 🙂

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog, especially because it brought my attention to yours. How lovely. Your pictures are wonderful and I truly love the snow scenes with the farm equipment. As you can tell, I just started my blog and I’m still trying to figure out how to post to pages and things like that, thankfully I know quite a bit more about dairy goats! Keep the faith.

    • I am happy you stopped by. I have been blogging for a year now and learning as I go too. I am happy you enjoyed the snow pictures and hope you come back again soon 🙂

  6. I love stopping by your blog. You seem to be really positive and spend quality time with your animals. I wish you all the best and look forward to reading about your dreams coming true!

    • Thank you… I really do enjoy spending quality time with my pups, chickens, and family too. I am looking forward to keeping everyone updated on any progress we may make with our dreams 🙂

  7. First, thank you for stopping by Marcaritaville. I came over to check you out. I think it is funny how God pulls things together and people together. I loved reading this post. Particularly in light of the fact that my husband and I were discussing our goals of having a small farm here, chickens, pigs and then a couple cows to start. I am following your blog now, and can’t wait to see how God moves you through your goals.

    • God does have a funny way of working sometimes 🙂 I am happy you enjoyed my post and I am so happy we can follow each other’s adventures with our farm plans 🙂

  8. Having faith requires knowing that He will answer your prayers in His time. I prayed nine years for our daughter, finally thinking it would never happen. He did bless us with a beautiful little girl, Emma. Patience and contentment are key. Stay strong and know in faith that He’ll answer when the time is right for you. Thank you for the comments on my blog. I wish you all the best in your homesteading adventures! We’re right there with you!

    • Thank you for sharing that with me. I am working to hold close those virtues of patience and contentment as well as faith. I am hopefull he has our dreams in his care and his timing is perfect. Good luck with your homesteading… I look forward to hearing how your adventures are going 🙂

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