Chicken Sunday

No not an ice cream sunday with chicken…. it’s Sunday and here is a photo of one of our “ladies”….chicken

I had a decent start to my week considering some not so happy things happened last week. I’m turning it over to God in hopes he will make things good. I was thinking about dreaming and reality and how sometimes we have to be where we are to get where we want to be. I know that may not make sense, but in my head it just means to be content. Contentment leads to feeling blessed and not to wanting more. The pastor talked today¬†about utilizing our resources (money, time, etc) in a way that God would want us to and not use it to just get more “stuff” we don’t need. I think that is a good idea especially since saving and not spending is a good way to save for our goals ūüôā¬†It also¬†means to keep spending time with those people¬†that¬†support my/our growth and aid our process towards our goals. In other words reflection on the bad and continuing to walk though it provides me a different¬†perception¬†that I may¬†not have if¬†things went as smoothly¬†for us as it¬†does for some¬†of those¬†around us. I may not know what the future holds… but I do know who holds our future ūüôā