Today is another therapy dog day. Baxter seems excited to be going somewhere and he has a special friend joining us. The day started out foggy… So foggy I couldn’t even see the neighbors barn. It is sleeting a little and rainy, but I am glad no snow as the chickens can still get out. I also can’t complain considering I know a lot of you are having lots of snow . The sun sets have been quite pretty in our part of the country despite the bad weather.Sky shine

I always look at the rays coming out of the cloud and am grateful for all the gifts God has given us. The rays just seem like a smile from God 🙂 I hope you have a blessed and warmer Saturday 🙂

17 Comments on “God Smiles

  1. I love this picture, so beautiful, even though I know it’s cold there, because of your picture it looks warm 🙂 We had snow all day here! We decided not to go out today, just stayed inside all day! happy weekend to you! Ingrid

    • I didn’t thnk of it that way… but the rays do look like they are spreading warmth 🙂 Hope your inside snow day was fun 🙂

  2. Beautiful photo just stumbled into your little golden corner of the internet and I’m loving it. God Bless, Bethan xx

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