Illuminating Blogger Award

I have been nominated for yet another award from a very sweet lady… Correna at Correna’s Thoughts.  She has many great hobbies and thoughts she shares. She has many wonderful recipes you should check out and her dog is a cutie 🙂  She has a wonderful grasp on her faith, which I enjoy about her posts 🙂 light bulb concept

So now the rules for the Illuminating Blogger Award…

The Rules:

Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you (see above)

Say a few words of gratitude on your blog and follow the link (see above)

Share a few words about yourself and pass on the award to 5 other bloggers

About Me:

I am a country girl at heart. I would rather be on a farm tending animals or working in the garden than anywhere else on earth. I have a strong faith in God, even when things are tough (as they were this past year), I keep having faith that our dreams will come true some day. I have a strong, loving, and hard-working husband who I am blessed to know his love.  I love animals, especially my two pups Baxter and Chase. They are my bright spot in each day and bless my life. I love to help others especially kids. I also enjoy raising the chickens we have and getting fresh eggs. I enjoy scrapbooking, canning, crafts,  and cooking… yet my big hobby is baking 🙂

Now for the nominations…

I just adore the blog  by Anne. She is a hard-working lady who always seeks to have great animal care for her feed yard in Nebraska. She has drive, ambition, and is one smart lady 🙂 Every time I read her blog I learn so much and am inspired 🙂

Another lady’s blog I enjoy is She has a farm where she raises goats and also goes to Paris to see the ballet 🙂 I just love that she can fit in to the country or the city (just like me).

I just came across the blog by Meghan. She is another country girl and her blog is just smack full of information. I think any farmer/rancher is an inspiration especially one who does as much as it seems Meghan does.

Another blog you might enjoy as I do is It is a great blog with many topics including gardening, animals, and story about her grandkids. It is a good place to get a smile 🙂

Need a good scripture for thought or to lift you up, a funny picture, or a little glimpse of sunny Florida ? Visit She also has a really cute husky dog that seems to love his Florida home. I like this blog as Florida is where I was born so it is nice to be able to visit it though this blog 🙂

I have a few more, but since it says 5 I will keep the other’s for another award. Congrats ladies and keep up the good blogging 🙂