Happy Easter!

He has risen…Dafodills

Wishing you a blessed and happy Easter Day and hoping you have better weather then we do. Dafdills

We had a nice meal in spite of it…. ham, fruit salad, cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, and deviled eggs. fruit saladham

We had blueberry and lemon cupcakes for dessert.Bunnies

My wonderful hubby even brought me home a spring flower to enjoy and then plant in my garden when it is warm enough….Purple flower

Isn’t he a sweetheart ? 😉 The chickens and baby chicks are doing well and enjoyed an Easter treat, as did the dogs 🙂 Hope you got an Easter treat as well 🙂

Good Friday… or is it?

It is Good Friday… so I thought I would share this comic that was sent to me…Good Friday Comic

And a picture of the chicks to hold you over 😉 4 chicksHope you all have a Happy Easter weekend 🙂 Many blessings to you and your family 🙂

Little Chick

We have one little chick who is smaller and not growing her wings as fast as the other…Little Chick

And somehow she is my favorite… Little chick 2

I love her little chick face and that she is staying small. I am really focusing on their growing this time and just watching all the changes. It is such a fun thing to watch and a great thing to be responsible for. God knew what he was doing when he created baby chicks 🙂

Week by Week Growth of Baby Chicks

For those of you who have been following my chicks growth I thought I would share the past couple weeks in photos so you can see how they really grow fast.

To start here they are at about 3-4 days old…Chick week 1

Then here they are at about a week and a day…4 chicks week 1

And finally here they are today at two weeks and two days…4 chicks week 2

It is amazing how fast their wings are coming in… some faster than others. They are getting more active and trying to fly, scratch, and explore. They are getting new things to explore each day. Today they got some cut flowers to check out that I had on the table and it was time to change out. Now they had no slime or anything bad on them, they were mostly dried out and ready to be tossed. Instead the baby chicks got them in their box to check out. They really seemed to like pecking at the dried flower and stem. I am glad we raise chicks… it is a great way to get outside of your own head and focus on helping something grow. It is a nice feeling and I am glad we have the space and time to devote to good animal care. This includes thinking outside of the box and giving the girls something new and safe to explore each day 🙂 Happy Wednesday 🙂

Chick Chick

Home sick today… I hate migraines… So today I will share one of the baby chicks with you… they always make me smile.One Chick

They seem to really love their pumpkin box home. They are moving all about and trying to fly. Luckily they can’t get out of the box…. yet 😉

Grow Chick’s Grow

A couple of days ago the chicks and their wings looked like this…baby Chick one

Now they look like this…Chick walk

They are growing so fast and trying to fly now so we made up their new home for them to move into today. We have a large pumpkin box we line and place shavings in. We put in a couple of logs and things for them to explore. When I put them in their new place they ran around, tried to fly, and acted crazy.. they seemed to love having more room. Chicn bunchChicks are funny and fun to watch 🙂

Welcome Home Friday

The girls just keep growing and growing and their wings keep getting their big girl feathers….Chick n hat

I was away last night and today at a conference in Washington D.C. and when I got home the girls wings are looking like real wings, not fuzzy little wings anymore. I will take some pictures and show you hopefully tomorrow. Hubby texted me the dogs went crazy without me home and kept searching for me last night and today. When I got home they were so excited to see me… they ran around and around me, licking me, and Chase was jumping for joy… it was such a great welcome home 🙂

Angel Wings…

When you haven’t done something for a long time I think we all forget some parts of how that particular thing works or goes.  Last time we raised chicks I didn’t remember their wings growing so fast and like they are this time. Their little wings look so soft and fluffy… they look like I imagine angel’s wings to look. Baby Chcik

Angel wings of soft feathers stretching out to cover us when we need them to, just as the chicks stretch out their soft little wings and sometimes cover their heads with the softness 🙂

Chick one… Chick two…

The girls are growing and are so fun to watch… Today they got a little log in their box and seemed to have fun exploring it. Chick One

The dogs are having fun watching the chicks. Each morning they run down the stairs to see what the chicks are up to and if they see them sleeping still they seem to know to stay quiet and not bother the box. If the chicks are up the dogs anxiously wait for me to take off the screen on the top of the box and then they stick their noses in to say good morning. They then watch as we check and clean out the water and food and place in a new thing for the chicks to explore for the day. Chicks two

The chicks are getting a little more used to us picking them up and don’t squirm so much. They even had a neighbor come over and visit them today, while picking up eggs from us. The “ladies” enjoyed the sun today outside and spent more time out of the coop sunning. I think everyone in our house is anxious for Spring 🙂

Quick Chick In

Not much going on today since it was the first day back to work so I thought I would share some more cute pics of my chicks with you…Chick n flower4 chicks n hat

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