Preparing for the weather…

So supposedly we are going to get up to 3 feet of snow between 11 PM tonight and tomorrow sometime. I have yet to see a drop of rain they predicted we would have by now and the temperature is still in th upper 30’s. Tractor

When hubby and I first heard of the storm we knew we had to do a few things to get ready. So, yesterday we cleaned up the chicken coop, the laying boxes, the water, the feed troughs, the floor, etc and disinfected it since we had the lady die on Sunday (and are still not sure what she died from). We cleaned everything up and got rid of old bedding, etc. Then we sprayed some animal safe stuff to disinfect the boxes and sleeping areas. We then let it all dry and air out, added nice new bedding back, and made sure the heat light was still working. The girls seem happy with a clean coop and run. Tonight hubby made sure there was extra food out, scratch all over for them to find in the run, and a full water bucket. We did all this incase we actually get the snow they are predicting and we can’t get out to them in the morning.

Hubby also made sure things were tied down as they said the snow will be accompanied by wind. We made sure the generator was on the porch and full of gas ready to go. There is food in the house, propane in the grill, and treats for the dogs to keep them busy tomorrow as if it snows they won’t get out as much. We are as ready as we will get… so I guess all we need now is the snow 😉