So when we got up at 4 AM there was snow on the ground and more coming. Hubby decided he was going to stay home from work as it appeared quite icy. Around 7 AM I called my work weather hotline and we were closed so I snuggled back in bed too. Chase FaceAbout 30 minutes later the dogs were ready to be up so we all got up and checked out the snow that was coming down harder by then. Snow DepthAfter the dogs were fed and we got dressed we checked on the chickens.

Chase helping Daddy with chickens

Chase helping Daddy with chickens

They attempted to run out when we opened their door, but then saw the snow and hightailed it back into their run. Snow ChknOnce the chickens were fed (with some extra scratch to eat so they could stay warm), the girl with the neck issue had her spray put on her, and the eggs were collected we came back in to feed ourselves. We had veggie and cheese omelets and hot beverages (hubby chai late and me apple cider).  Then it was a day of relaxing, blogging, cleaning, and baking. I made a gluten-free banana nut bread cake 🙂 Bananna CakeIt was so Yummy and it made the whole house smell so good 🙂 The boys (dogs) have been busy with their bones and sleeping. The ony problem today was the wind picked up later in the afternoon and brought in some sleet so the snow got really packed down and wet. Snow TreeOther than that it was a great snow day 🙂 Now the chickens are safely closed in their coop, the dogs are snoozing, and it is time to settle in for the night 🙂

20 Comments on “Quite the snow…

    • It was so good. The nuts made it great, but if you can’t have them then the cake stands great without them 🙂 I will try to remember to post the recipe.

  1. Don’t you love snow days? Reading, baking, hot tea, cozy fire… We don’t get nearly enough of them in the South!

  2. We got about the same as you but ours started as sleet around 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday and was still sleeting with snow at 10:00 when we went to bed. We got about two inches of snow on top of two inches of ice. The wind has been howling since yesterday morning and still howling. Hubby want to get the buckets on the trees for sap but we’d have to put rocks in the buckets to keep them on the trees. Maybe by tomorrow we’ll be able to start. Stay warm and well!!

    • I took a loaf to work today and my co-workers LOVED it… there was nothing but crumbs left. Chase says thanks for the complement 🙂

  3. Nothing like those unexpected snowy days when you are housebound and can only blog, read, and bake! We haven’t had too many of them here in Ireland this year – though there is snow forecast for next week!
    Nice to have found you via Husker Cowgirl 🙂

    • I really enjoy Husker Cowgirl and glad we were able to connec though her. I do enjoy the snow. It got a little tiring this winter as we got a lot of little storms, but this last snow day was nice and calm 🙂 Ireland… I have always been facinated by your country. I have some irish on my Moms side and have always wanted to visit Ireland. I hope if you get some snow you can have a day to relax, bake, read, etc 🙂

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