Have You Seen This… Blind dog and his Best Friend

I had to share this little gem of a find. Hubby showed it to me the other day and instantly I thought of my two boys. Not because Baxter is blind, but because these two pups look so much like my Baxter and Chase and I know my Chase would do anything for his big brother… You know how some people say we all have a twin in the world that looks like us… It is kind of cool as it seems Baxter and Chase have twins in the world too.Blind dog n friend

Hubby found this story and photo on http://now.msn.com/blind-dog-friends-with-terrier-helps-him-to-walk-and-see

It seems the black lab (like Baxter) is loosing his sight and his friend a terrier (like Chase) is now his eyes and is with the black lab 24/7 leading him around. You can check out the link for the whole story. It makes me smile and cry as it is so wonderful to see kindness like this… we humans could learn a lesson from these two 🙂 Giving and accepting help are both wonderful gifts 🙂