It was another cloudy day, but the sun still tried to come out to play. We had a lot to do today and got it all done 🙂 The boys got to go with us all day and had a good time riding in their Daddy’s truck. On our travels we saw this big guy staring at us when we were at a stop sign…Cow Face

Happy Monday Mr. Cow… Have a happy week 😉

6 Comments on “Cow Face

  1. Love the look this guy is giving you! I can’t tell if it is a sweet look or a “make my day” kind of stare…Guess it depends upon how his Monday went!

    • I love your comment… it is so funny and true… I think it was a “why are you taking my photo and get lost stare” 😉 I guess it did depend on how his Monday went 😉

  2. I love cows because I have such warm memories of my grandparents dairy farm. They are gentle giants AND they provide wonderful fresh milk for your table. Great picture.

    • I agree.. cows have their benefits and are a good source of milk 🙂 I am glad it brought back good memories 🙂

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