Good Day…To Good Week

We are having a stay-cation this week… never heard of this… it is a vacation where you stay home to get things done that you can’t when you are working full-time. So we have a lot planed for this week and are trying to make sure the dogs can be with us even on our errands and day trips. We are enjoying our time this week to be together, get things done, and be on our own time-table.  So far we have gotten all our doctors appointment’s out-of-the-way, we have run a lot of errands, figured out where we want to get our new chicks, gotten the new chicks area ready for them to come home to, figured out how we are going to improve the chicken coop and gotten some of the supplies, went on a couple of hikes on the trails or at the parks, and the list goes on. All in two days and we have much more on the list to do. We have plans for every day through Sunday before I have to go back to work on Monday. It may seem crazy to take a hard-earned vacation to do chores, errands, etc. but you have to do what keep you ahead and keeps everyone (even the chickens and dogs) happy. And the boys are sure happy being with us 24/7…Chase