Baby Chicks Full Day 1

Chick flower

What a great start with our new chicks. They are a hoot and a half 🙂 Today we started their enrichment program and gave the girls some toys and things to explore. They got a fake tulip and a hard plastic/rubbery ball new dog toy that was small enough for them added to their box . They were timid at first… they approached the tulip slowly, explored it, and then promptly fell asleep on it…. approached the ball cautiously and then jumped on top of it… it was so funny. Chick

They are already smart as they hid handfuls of food under their bedding and when I pulled out the feeder to check it and see if it needed more or needed cleaning they went right to their storage and started pecking at it (which is how I knew where it was as the bedding was not dirty yet or in need of a change). My Buffies (as I call them now) are smart ladies already. Hope you enjoyed your Friday 🙂