The girls are growing and are so fun to watch… Today they got a little log in their box and seemed to have fun exploring it. Chick One

The dogs are having fun watching the chicks. Each morning they run down the stairs to see what the chicks are up to and if they see them sleeping still they seem to know to stay quiet and not bother the box. If the chicks are up the dogs anxiously wait for me to take off the screen on the top of the box and then they stick their noses in to say good morning. They then watch as we check and clean out the water and food and place in a new thing for the chicks to explore for the day. Chicks two

The chicks are getting a little more used to us picking them up and don’t squirm so much. They even had a neighbor come over and visit them today, while picking up eggs from us. The “ladies” enjoyed the sun today outside and spent more time out of the coop sunning. I think everyone in our house is anxious for Spring 🙂

10 Comments on “Chick one… Chick two…

  1. I am also anxious for spring! Our grass is trying to green up a bit and my crocuses have bloomed. We are still likely to get at least one more winter storm before it gets here for real—but you can always hope! That’s the great thing about Nebraska…

    • Some of my flowers are coming up too and I am worried as they predict snow tomorrow for us… I think I am comming over to your side on a brown Christmas (and January, February,…) 😉

  2. Oh! your dogs, they must be so cute coming down the stairs to see the ladies! 🙂 I wonder how do they feel about them being there! Can’t wait for spring either, we got 33 cx of snow on Tuesday over here; doesn’t look like spring over here! 🙂 Have a great week!

    • I always wonder how the dogs feel about their chicks… I think it changes daily 😉 Wow that is a lot of snow you got… I hope spring comes to us all soon 😉 You have a good week too 🙂

  3. I’m enjoying the updates on your baby chicks. Your pictures are so cute. We got chicks last year, and are enjoying our ladies very much, too.

    • Thank you and I am happy you are enjoying the updates there are more to come. I am happy to hear you are enoying chicken keeping also… what kind of chicks do you have?

  4. SO cute! I love how the dogs race to see them in the morning. We have had snow this past week, so are really wanting spring here too.

    • Yes that is a good part I love to see the dogs excited about the chick and it is funny the chicks respond to the dogs too when the dogs poke their heads in the chicks don’t run around anymore. We were supposed to get more snow… but then didn’t so I was glad… I am praying daily for spring weather it is too cold still 🙂 Will put a prayer up that you get some warmer weather too 🙂

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