The girls just keep growing and growing and their wings keep getting their big girl feathers….Chick n hat

I was away last night and today at a conference in Washington D.C. and when I got home the girls wings are looking like real wings, not fuzzy little wings anymore. I will take some pictures and show you hopefully tomorrow. Hubby texted me the dogs went crazy without me home and kept searching for me last night and today. When I got home they were so excited to see me… they ran around and around me, licking me, and Chase was jumping for joy… it was such a great welcome home 🙂

6 Comments on “Welcome Home Friday

  1. Nice welcome! 🙂 I can imagine your dogs going crazy for you! they must have missed you so much! 🙂 hope you are having a great weekend!

  2. Your baby chicks are adorable!! Just in time for Easter! 🙂 I just spent some time going through your blog and it is wonderful!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my otter!

    • Thank you I am happy you like the chicks and got to go though my blog. I loved your otter picture. Last time we got fall chicks and this time I wanted some spring chicks so we can put them outside when it is warmer not in February like we had to last time 🙂

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