A couple of days ago the chicks and their wings looked like this…baby Chick one

Now they look like this…Chick walk

They are growing so fast and trying to fly now so we made up their new home for them to move into today. We have a large pumpkin box we line and place shavings in. We put in a couple of logs and things for them to explore. When I put them in their new place they ran around, tried to fly, and acted crazy.. they seemed to love having more room. Chicn bunchChicks are funny and fun to watch 🙂

20 Comments on “Grow Chick’s Grow

  1. They just grow too darned fast!! I love baby animals. I have a little black game hen that wants to set so badddd right now and we just got 7″ of snow. I’m going to try to hold her off another couple weeks. good luck with the babies! We had twin calves during the storm yesterday but they both seem to be doing fine and they’re both girls.

    • We had snow today (Monday) got quite a few inches. Baby calves sound cute too 🙂 I agree most baby animals are so adorable 🙂 Hope you get your hen 😉

  2. Chicks are so much fun! We raised 20 layers almost 2 years ago and my kids are dying for more 🙂 I think we will start a new batch, as my friend has my layers now. Just need to build them a coop! Enjoy those little peeps!

    • I am enjoying my new peeps 🙂 We decided to get a new batch as our other ladies molt in the fall and our new ladies will molt at a different time so we won’t look egg production right before my busy season of baking 🙂

    • What kind do you have? I do like when they lay, but I do love when they are growing best 🙂 I am glad you are enjoying the picture diary 🙂

  3. Its crazy isn’t it! They change within just a few hours of hatching and grow so fast!! Our coop was… misplaced by the company we ordered it from and my girls are just busting out of their brooder. I really did know better too!

  4. I love watching your chicks grow! I can’t wait to have my own. Some day! In the meantime, I’m loving living vicariously through you.

    • I am happy to be of assistance and am happy to provide you with the growing chicks… I hope you get your chicks someday when you have the space 🙂 I will keep posting so you can keep living vicariously 🙂

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