Home sick today… I hate migraines… So today I will share one of the baby chicks with you… they always make me smile.One Chick

They seem to really love their pumpkin box home. They are moving all about and trying to fly. Luckily they can’t get out of the box…. yet 😉

25 Comments on “Chick Chick

  1. MIcah LOVED the picture of the baby chicks. He kept calling them quack quacks but Leigh corrected him so now he’s calling them chick chicks 🙂

    • Very cute 🙂 You should bring them over to see the chicks before they get too big maybe dinner, chick viewing, and a movie or game evening?

    • I always enjoy your goat posts 🙂 Migraines are not fun I am trying to take it easy and hubby is taking the load of things today. I am glad you like the chicks I need to go down and see them I haven’t yet today 🙂

  2. What breed are they? I recently got six chicks from tsc. They werent sure what breed they are but they look a lot like yours. Id really appreciate your help.ive spent many hours online trying to find out without luck.

    • They are buff Orpingtons 🙂 They will end up being a gold blond brown color. Sometimes TSC get mixed chicks that are pullets and can be mixed breeds or different breeds in one place. We got ours from Southern States. I hope this helps 🙂

      • Ok thankyou very much. I got mine in upstate newyork in otsego county. All but two chicks are getting the goldish color on their wings,They are staying yellowish and one has a much longer tail than the rest!.lol.i enjoy watching them grow and develop.

      • Good luck with them and keep checking back for photos of our girls and feel free to send some of your own and we can compare 🙂 One of our girls is staying more yellow then the rest and one has a much shorter tails so I wouldn’t worry too much 🙂

      • Yes thankyou! I got mine in upstate ny in otsego county.All are getting goldish color in their wings except two,theyre staying yellow and one has a longer tail than the rest. Its So much fun watching chicks grow and develop. Thankyou again.feel better.

      • You are more then welcome… the one that stay yellow may be sexlinks or if they start to get reddish they may be Rhode islands (our Rhode islands had a red tent to them and then about 3-4 weeks started to turn more red). Their tails grow at different rates as we have one that hasn’t gotten any tail yet so you can’t really tell that way. The coloring is the best way to tell. When they get older take a picture of them and send it to me I will see if I can help with the two odd balls if they don’t turn the same color as the rest. I will keep posting pic of our girls and you can compare 🙂 I do enjoy watching the chicks grow and this set is growing faster then our last set it seems 🙂 I am starting to feel better tonight it was a long day of pain 😉

  3. Hope that you are feeling better. I know nothing about chicks so am surprised to see them grow and change so quickly. I am used to cattle where the development process is so much slower.

    Sending sun and smiles your way,

    • Thanks Ann… yes chicks grow so fast and their feather develop so quickly 🙂 I am shocked too as I am use to goats, cattle, pigs, horses, and rabbits as that is what was mainly on our farm as a child, but we had some chickens I just don’t remember them growing as much as the other animals I guess. Thanks for the smile it was received 🙂

  4. Oh! no hope you are feeling much better today! I suffer from migraines as well and I know how debilitating they can be. I’m glad your baby ladies are doing great! 🙂

    • Oh I feel bad you have migraines too… they are usually tolerable since I have had them so long… but once in a while it gets so bad I just can’t keep moving forward. Yes the baby ladies are doing well and growing wings so fast I just can’t believe it 🙂

      • I understand you! I’ve had them for years too but years ago they were much worst! Now, some days, it can get very difficult when looking after my son, but hubby and my parents help me out a lot! 🙂

      • Yes mine have always been bad and there was a period of about two years there that I had them almost daily. Now they are down to about 1-2 times a week at most and some week I am lucky and only get a mild one and then no more for the week. This was the worst one I have had in about 6 months. My hubby helps out with the animal care when I have one so I am blessed as you are with helpful hands 🙂 I hope you don’t get one any time soon 🙂

      • same here, used to get them daily, now only once or twice a week two! every time I get one I feel so exhausted after, I am glad hubby helps you out too! 🙂 Hope you are having a great evening and not get one more of these!

      • I am good today and I hoe you are well also and no migraine 🙂 Have a great rest of the week 🙂

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