Sunny Thoughts

Today, since it is raining, since it is cloudy, and since I can’t be outside… I thought I would share a sunny day photo and sunny thoughts.Tulips fenceWhat I most like about a sunny day is it makes you happy. The sun has a way of turning a bad mood around and helps you feel better. The sun is warm and feels nice on your face. The sun helps the flowers grow and your vegetable garden grow yummy food. The sun makes the chickens happy and keeps the dogs outside longer. The sun makes things easier to do outside (except in the extreme heat then a little shade is nice 😉 ) The sun reminds me of childhood day playing outside with my friends with a dog in tow or swimming in the bay 🙂 I am looking forward to some more sunny days 🙂

Chicks First Adventure In Wide Open Spaces

The baby buffs had their first adventure with no fence yesterday. It was a day of possible wide open spaces for exploration. Chick n flowersStill the baby buffs chose to stay close to home and explore smaller spaces.Chicks at fenceTheir watchful and protective Chase was always close by to ensure no birds, other animals, or bigger chickens got to them.Chase n chicksAt times it seem the buffs weren’t sure if Chase was friend or foe.chick checks chaseBut they eventually all settled in to sharing the space in the yard. Bax Chase n ChicksA couple of the other chickens chose to check them out and sometimes steal what ever other they thought the baby buffs were pecking at.Chickns and chickThe baby buffs even showed off their tail feathers. chick tailsAll in all it was a good first free rang experience for all buff’s. ChickLast night they had another adventure as they stayed in their new hutch in the big girls coop. They seemed to do fine with this move and we kept a heat lamp on them for extra warmth. Since it was supposed to be sunny and warm today and tomorrow we thought it would be the perfect day to move them. chick n grassUnfortunately, the weather changes faster than I change my socks and it is now raining and cooler. Still with the chicken run holding temps in the 60* and the heat lamp on the chicks are doing fine in their hutch. I let them out for a bit after church and then put them up once the rain started. The older girls don’t seem to mind them being around except when there is scratch out and then it is every chick for themselves 😉 I hope the chicks and chickens will get used to each other so when the little chicks get big enough they can be out together all the time. We will see. Hope you have a sunny and beautiful week. 🙂

Cow Licking Good

Funny things happen sometimes when you least expect it. While out on a walk with hubby and the dogs the other day we came across this field of cows grazing beside the woods we were walking in. This one cow seems very curious about our presence…Cow Face 1

He looked at us for the longest time….Cow face

The appeared disinterest turning his head away with a big flip of his nose….Cow face 2

Then all of a sudden…Cow lick face

Boy if there wasn’t a fence then we may have been eaten. Good thing there was plenty of green grass and hay 😉 Almost the mid-week mark… hope God has blessed you in many ways this week 🙂

Happy Earth Day…

It is earth day… a day focused on how we can help keep the earth beautiful that God made so long ago. It is hard to imagine how beautiful and clean the earth was when God created it. It is saddening to think of all the damage humans have done to earth. It is good to know at least now we can do things like recycle, use less fuel, plant trees, plant our own food, care for our land, and so much more. All these small things help the big picture. We may not be able to control how big corporations harm our earth, but we can control what we do. Yel n red tulip

We planted two tress this year in honor of earth day, we care for our land, we car pool, recycle, and plant our food without pesticides… How are you going to celebrate our earth today and how are you going to give back to the planet you live on?

Flower and Garden Festival

Yesterday my mom and step-father came up for the local Flower and Garden Festival held in a couple towns over from us. It was a sunny day, but again that old wind showed its cold breath. It was warmer when the wind was not blowing, but when Mr. Wind came around you needed a warm jacket and hat. Luckily the sunshine showed all day and warmed your face 🙂 Yel Tulips

The festival is one we attended last year for the first time and had such a fun time. This year it seemed there were not as many vendors or flowers, but the flowers that were there showed their beauty.multi tulips

There were a lot of other fun things there too…Birdhouse

And the crowd was huge again…Croud

I felt like I was being watched at times…Owls

But it turned out to be some cute little owls 😉 And maybe a turtle…Turtle

Working on a Sunny Day

It became a beautiful day today. This morning it was dreary and colder, but that sure changed. Slowly it started to warm up then all of a sudden I was told it got HOT. It was so nice when I got off work that hubby and I got a lot more done outside. Even the baby chicks got out again and the dogs got so hot in the sun that the shade of the front porch was welcomed… (see my big boys white chin… starting to look like an old man 😉 )Baxter

Chase wanted off the porch to chase the birds, but no luck little one…Chase toung

With this long winter we had I forgot how much I love being outside in the spring and summer. Some days I even wish I had more to do outside so I could be out longer 😉 I know I’m weird 😉 It is just so nice to feel the warm I have to appreciate it while it is here… it is a blessing 🙂


We had some visitors today… some cute birdies 🙂BirdiesWe didn’t have much time after work to sit and watch them as we had a lot to do, but I took a few minutes to see what they were up to.Birdies 2

They were sharing the seed that was spilled on the ground. The bigger bird seemed to almost help the little ones find the bigger seed and they followed the bigger bird around. It was interesting to watch them before they got scared and flew away. Fly little birdies… fly… but come again soon 🙂

Simple Sunday

It was another pretty yet cooler day… the sun was shining, the clouds were white and fluffy, and it was a good day for outside work.Chase n water

I know your not supposed to work on Sunday, but this work was for us and it was relaxing in some respects. We got some root vegetables put in the garden… the lawn got mowed (again)… the chicken run and coop were cleaned out… the fence weeds were trimmed… and the baby chicks got out for a while.Chickie grass

The neighbor kids came over to check out the chicks while they were outside. The big chickens didn’t even go near the area the baby girls were in. I think that is a good sign as they didn’t try to peck them to death 😉  Hubby and I also had some time to read and eat dinner outside on the deck. The pastors sermon at church was good as always and gave me a lot to think about this week. I hope you had a blessed and sunny Sunday 🙂

Chicken Scratch

Today the rain that the weather man promised came… I couldn’t be upset about it though as it was good for the garden, the trees, and the land. It seems the grass shot up today and already needs mowing again. Hubby just mowed on Wednesday so he was not all that happy he needs to mow again two days later 😉  I didn’t mind as the grass is so green and pretty and gave the chickens a great place to scratch today after the rain ended chkn pecking

After the rain stopped it warmed up and little and allowed the dogs some time outside before dinner. It was nice to be able to have them outside every day this week as they have not had that since last fall due to this crazy cold, windy, and wet weather we had all winter. I hope where you are you get some sunny and warm weather to enjoy this weekend…. blessings to you 🙂

Chicken Check In

The big ladies have seemed to enjoy this nice weather too. I think some are loosing feathers to adjust to the heat. They tend to hang out “around the water hole” where there is a deck and bush for shade and a big bucket of water (we haven’t brought out the kiddy pool yet). 3 chicks

That is hurt girl in the top of the photo  looking all wild at me and the lady at the bottom is our girl with the neck feathers missing. They all seem to be laying and doing well so I am trying not to worry. When we had the baby girls out yesterday the dogs got their first chance of the year to hang out on the front porch. Baxter finds a spot to lay down and watch thing, while Chase was not too sure what “mommy” was doing with the baby chicks. He wasn’t liking they were getting more attention than him. He watched my every move with sharp focus and wanted a pat every time I went by.Chase

I was happy to provide any petting I could as he is my cute little one and always such a good boy 🙂 Today was nice I was told also. I wouldn’t know as I was at work inside for the better part of the day. This morning before I went in it was getting warmer and I didn’t need a jacket and by the time I got off the wind was picking up from this storm we are supposed to get tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully we will just get the rain it will get the garden ready for planting  and keep the tree we just planted alive 🙂 I wish you all a blessed Friday 🙂

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