Today was a productive day despite my migraine. We got a lot done that I will post about later this week 🙂 Wow it was a busy day… but a beautiful one. It got up into the 70* and at times was a little warm… but I didn’t mind it was a nice change from the cold and windy weather. The wind today was a welcomed breeze that floated by you and made you smile. Tonight I sat out back and just watched… the sky, the breeze moving the trees, the dogs exploring the evening…. it was what I have been waiting for all winter 🙂 Hope you had as beautiful day as I did despite any challenges you may have faced 🙂hay n wall

8 Comments on “Soft Breeze

  1. Sunshine! I look forward to the same things all winter. Spring seems slow in coming this year, but maybe we’ll treasure it all the more!

    • It is slow in coming it felt like we went from winter to summer, but these nice evenings feel just like spring 🙂 I agree we will treasure it all the more 🙂

  2. The weather here has finally warmed as well:) I feel like we have been working overtime catching up on outside work with all of this beautiful weather!

    • Oh I am so glad to hear so many people are getting nice weather. I hear we are getting some rain this weekend and possible storms next week… with this sudden increase in rain no wonder, but I hate storms. I am glad you have been able to catch up on outside chores and hope you can get more done and the weather holds out for you 🙂

  3. glad you had a lot done and you had a good time but sorry you had another migraine! I missed reading my e-mails yesterday because I had a migraine all day and night yesterday too! Hope you are much better today!

    • Oh I am so sorry you had a migraine too… I feel your pain 😦 I hope you are better too and well wishes comming your way 🙂

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