The weather was perfect today 92* and there was a light breeze. Hubby and I moved some trees for the neighbor with our tractor. Then hubby changed the oil in the car while the one month old chicks got to go outside for the first time 🙂chick flower

We put up a little fence with a wire top so the hawks couldn’t get our babies.chicks fence

At first they were a little hesitant and wouldn’t move. It was if they didn’t know what to do.chicks explor

Then slowly they started to explore, peck at the ground, find things to play with like pinecones, and they were off…chicks explore

They now LOVE the great outdoors 🙂

One of our big chickens that our neighbor has named Mrs. Marigold came to check out the new chicks…. She got closer….chkn

And closer….chickn

Until finally…chicks n chicken

She checked them out…chicks n chicken 3

They checked her out….chicks n chicken 2

Then she lost interest and walked away to find some food…chkn peck

That was it she just left the little chicks wondering who that big mama chicken was…chick confused

A couple of them got a special treat and under close supervision were allowed to explore the flower beds…chick white flower

And the grass…chick grass

They just seemed to love the day outside 🙂

30 Comments on “The Great Outdoors

  1. Oh! their first day outside, they look so cute and they way you describe their first moments outside; it reminds of kids when they just discovered something new to play with! Mrs.Marigold! great name! I love it! Love the pictures of her looking at the new girls 🙂

    • Yes it was quite an experience and the story line just fell into place the longer we were out there. It made me laugh so I had to share it 🙂 It is kind of like when a kid discovers something new… and makes a mama proud 😉

    • Yes I agree it is exciting and almost magical to see how they figure out the outside world. If it is nice this weekend we plan to take them out again and let them get to know the space more. 🙂

  2. Those chicks are a credit to you both. Love the photos and eagerly wait to see your interest blogs on their development

    • How kind of you to say… we do our best with the chicks 🙂 I am so glad you liked the photos and I will do my best to develop my blog without changing too much… it seems most of my followers like it the way it is and that is nice 🙂

    • Yes it is amazing how quick they grow and change.. even their feathers change daily. It was fun showing them the outdoors for the first time… one of the best parts of having chicks 🙂

    • Oh we do too… it is nice to be able to get them outside to learn about all the outdoor things…. grass, mulch, trees, flowers, dirt, and the wind… the wind freaked the girls out the first time 😉 I am glad you liked the photos 🙂

    • Yes it is so neat to see them learn what grass, flowers, mulch, dirt, and other outdoor things are. It is one of the best parts of chicken raising 🙂

  3. How cute! We just got our babies yesterday & haven’t got to mess with them much yet (my reading says to leave them alone but clean for a few days). I can’t wait to get them outside and exploring! They were so cute watching my hand today as I cleaned out the wet shavings & gave them fresh water.

    • Oh you can hold them form the day they come home. We hold ours for short periods from day one (each day if we can) as it makes it easier to catch them and care for them when they get older… just make sure to wash your hands before and after to prevent the spread of germs. If you have kids unless they are super gentle I would wait for a few days and then they can hold them too (ensuring they wash their hands). Chicks are very cute and grow up quick as kids do. At about one 1/2 week of age (of the chicks) we have some of our friends kids over and let them touch and hold them sitting on the floor and we put a couple chicks on a towel on the floor and the kids sat around that and gently petted them. It gets the chickens used to all kids of hands. We don’t let ours outside until one month of age and when it is warm enough for them to regulate their temperature more. Good luck with your flock 🙂

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