The big ladies have seemed to enjoy this nice weather too. I think some are loosing feathers to adjust to the heat. They tend to hang out “around the water hole” where there is a deck and bush for shade and a big bucket of water (we haven’t brought out the kiddy pool yet). 3 chicks

That is hurt girl in the top of the photo  looking all wild at me and the lady at the bottom is our girl with the neck feathers missing. They all seem to be laying and doing well so I am trying not to worry. When we had the baby girls out yesterday the dogs got their first chance of the year to hang out on the front porch. Baxter finds a spot to lay down and watch thing, while Chase was not too sure what “mommy” was doing with the baby chicks. He wasn’t liking they were getting more attention than him. He watched my every move with sharp focus and wanted a pat every time I went by.Chase

I was happy to provide any petting I could as he is my cute little one and always such a good boy 🙂 Today was nice I was told also. I wouldn’t know as I was at work inside for the better part of the day. This morning before I went in it was getting warmer and I didn’t need a jacket and by the time I got off the wind was picking up from this storm we are supposed to get tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully we will just get the rain it will get the garden ready for planting  and keep the tree we just planted alive 🙂 I wish you all a blessed Friday 🙂

6 Comments on “Chicken Check In

    • No roster we are saving our neighbors from the extra noise and us from a possible aggressive rooster. Maybe when we get more land 😉

  1. I love your pictures. I’ve had Chickens for a full year now, and Love them beyond belief. I’ve heard several people talk about a kiddie pool for them and talked to my husband about doing that. I hate to bother you with questions, but I’ve always believed in learning from others. Do you dig out and set the pool down level with the ground or just have it in there for them to jump into? My flock has grown to 27 with three (meat chicks) being processed this weekend. Is one pool enough do you think, or should I provide them with more?

    • You are no bother… I LOVE to answer questions and share knowledge I have gained so thank you for this opportunity 🙂 We have one kiddy pool per 10-15 chickens. We just put it on top of our well cap in the back yard, so you don’t need to put it in the ground. They don’t usually get in it they just like to dip their heads in and drink from it. I would say for your flock two would work as they can circle around it. It is better then a bucket in the summer as more can drink from it at a time without fighting for space 🙂 I am so happy you are enjoying my photos and I look forward to your further question or comments. I am still learning a lot, but am happy to share what I know and learn from other’s too 🙂

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