Chicken Scratch

Today the rain that the weather man promised came… I couldn’t be upset about it though as it was good for the garden, the trees, and the land. It seems the grass shot up today and already needs mowing again. Hubby just mowed on Wednesday so he was not all that happy he needs to mow again two days later 😉  I didn’t mind as the grass is so green and pretty and gave the chickens a great place to scratch today after the rain ended chkn pecking

After the rain stopped it warmed up and little and allowed the dogs some time outside before dinner. It was nice to be able to have them outside every day this week as they have not had that since last fall due to this crazy cold, windy, and wet weather we had all winter. I hope where you are you get some sunny and warm weather to enjoy this weekend…. blessings to you 🙂