Simple Sunday

It was another pretty yet cooler day… the sun was shining, the clouds were white and fluffy, and it was a good day for outside work.Chase n water

I know your not supposed to work on Sunday, but this work was for us and it was relaxing in some respects. We got some root vegetables put in the garden… the lawn got mowed (again)… the chicken run and coop were cleaned out… the fence weeds were trimmed… and the baby chicks got out for a while.Chickie grass

The neighbor kids came over to check out the chicks while they were outside. The big chickens didn’t even go near the area the baby girls were in. I think that is a good sign as they didn’t try to peck them to death 😉  Hubby and I also had some time to read and eat dinner outside on the deck. The pastors sermon at church was good as always and gave me a lot to think about this week. I hope you had a blessed and sunny Sunday 🙂