It became a beautiful day today. This morning it was dreary and colder, but that sure changed. Slowly it started to warm up then all of a sudden I was told it got HOT. It was so nice when I got off work that hubby and I got a lot more done outside. Even the baby chicks got out again and the dogs got so hot in the sun that the shade of the front porch was welcomed… (see my big boys white chin… starting to look like an old man 😉 )Baxter

Chase wanted off the porch to chase the birds, but no luck little one…Chase toung

With this long winter we had I forgot how much I love being outside in the spring and summer. Some days I even wish I had more to do outside so I could be out longer 😉 I know I’m weird 😉 It is just so nice to feel the warm I have to appreciate it while it is here… it is a blessing 🙂

8 Comments on “Working on a Sunny Day

  1. Oh! lovely! sunny and warm! we had similar weather! we had a beautiful sunny day and it got a bit warmer in the afternoon, I took my 22 month old and 2 dogs out for a walk (it was not easy because the 3 of them were too excited!) ha!ha! btw, your big handsome boy with his white chin is gorgeous! he reminds me too much of Puma; my black labrador we had when I still used to live with my parents, we lost him a while ago and seeing this beautiful picture of yours brought back beautiful and happy thoughts! (it’s still hard!) & of course Chase looks adorable as usual; with plenty of energy! glad you enjoyed this beautiful day and let’s hope the rest of the week is as beautiful as today! 🙂

    • Sorry to hear about your Puma your lab. Dogs are so special and it is hard to loose them. I am glad Baxter photo brought back good memories of your Puma 🙂 I am so glad you, the little one, and pups got out in the sun… that is so great 🙂 The rest of the week is supposed to be cooler and rain Thursday and Friday so no more sun for us… I guess we had our share 😉 Hopefully the sin will come back over the weekend 🙂

  2. Lucky. It has been raining all week here. Can’t wait for the sun.

    • Not so lucky we are getting rain Thursday and Friday, but defiantly lucky we did get some sun before the rain and cold 😉 I hope you get some sun soon 🙂

  3. Ah, I wish our weather was a bit more like yours! I am dreaming of spring but we had blizzard conditions this morning…Snow and blowing snow as I traveled up into the Sandhills to get new cattle. I am dreaming of green, but seeing white.

    Love the pictures of your pups. I am like you—always wanting to be outside. So glad that you enjoyed the day.


    • Another blizzard… no fun 😦 I hope you get some green soon I know it is hard this year to just be cold. It is still cool here and in the 30*’s at night, but the green grass and sun is helpful. I figured we are both outdoor girls and I don’t think either of us is afraid of a little hard work, especially if it is outside 🙂 Take care 🙂

  4. Your dogs are adorable! What kind of dog is Chase? I had a dog growing up that looked just like him, but we never knew what he was!

    • Chase we were told from the shelter to the best of their knowledge was a jack russle/ wire fox terrier mix. He is a unique dog, but we have seen a couple that look similar. So glad you enjoyed the photos 🙂

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