The baby buffs had their first adventure with no fence yesterday. It was a day of possible wide open spaces for exploration. Chick n flowersStill the baby buffs chose to stay close to home and explore smaller spaces.Chicks at fenceTheir watchful and protective Chase was always close by to ensure no birds, other animals, or bigger chickens got to them.Chase n chicksAt times it seem the buffs weren’t sure if Chase was friend or foe.chick checks chaseBut they eventually all settled in to sharing the space in the yard. Bax Chase n ChicksA couple of the other chickens chose to check them out and sometimes steal what ever other they thought the baby buffs were pecking at.Chickns and chickThe baby buffs even showed off their tail feathers. chick tailsAll in all it was a good first free rang experience for all buff’s. ChickLast night they had another adventure as they stayed in their new hutch in the big girls coop. They seemed to do fine with this move and we kept a heat lamp on them for extra warmth. Since it was supposed to be sunny and warm today and tomorrow we thought it would be the perfect day to move them. chick n grassUnfortunately, the weather changes faster than I change my socks and it is now raining and cooler. Still with the chicken run holding temps in the 60* and the heat lamp on the chicks are doing fine in their hutch. I let them out for a bit after church and then put them up once the rain started. The older girls don’t seem to mind them being around except when there is scratch out and then it is every chick for themselves 😉 I hope the chicks and chickens will get used to each other so when the little chicks get big enough they can be out together all the time. We will see. Hope you have a sunny and beautiful week. 🙂

19 Comments on “Chicks First Adventure In Wide Open Spaces

  1. We built a portable run that fits inside our raised beds and put our bantams out to work the soil. They have been scratching away with dirt flying in every direction – it’s a hoot to watch.

    • That does sound funny to watch 🙂 I left my garden gate open this winter for the chicks to go into and they did a good job 🙂 Hope you have a great week 🙂

    • It is interesting to see how big they get in such a short time 🙂 Their feathers are so soft… much softer then the last girls it is so fun to just “pet” on them and feel the softness 🙂

  2. You already have such beautiful green grass and budding flowers! My yard in Nebraska looks very different…It is somewhere between winter and spring: my tulips and daffodils were killed a month ago by a snow storm, and my warmer plants/flowers are not hardly brave enough to show their faces yet!

    Great pictures–

    • Oh I have been thinking of you and wondering if you were getting any warmer and have any more green grass… The tulips in our area are out in full force, I have never seen so many. Our warmer plants have not shown their buds yet either, and with the return to cold and rain today maybe they shouldn’t. Hopefully we will both get some consistent warmth and for you some green grass. Have a great week 🙂

  3. Today was my little girls’ first time in the wide, wide world as well! They were pretty cute too, but one wondered a bit too far and nearly got lost behind the shed. She was so funny as I herded her back to the coop– she ran inside like she’d never been so happy to see home 🙂

    • It’s it fun to watch your baby chicks get out into the big world (even if it is just the back forty 😉 ) That’s so funny your girl got lost behind the shed, what a long adventure that must have been for her 😉

  4. Hej from Sweden !
    Just back from London and it’s been non stop since! Babies galore! I am so happy that Pumpkin had 2 girls! They will stay at Gullringstorp as will Iris’ little girl. I will need to find new homes for the 2 boys I have, maybe. I may get Poppy’s boy neutered and can stay with his mommy forever. Gotta talk to hubby about that.
    Thanks for liking my recent post. Speaking of babies…your babies have sure grown! They are beautiful and fluffy just like these hens should be. Love the photos.

    • You are always on the go to great places 🙂 Your babies are cute and the mommies seem to be doing well 🙂 Our baby chicks have grown and their feather are just my favorite part too 🙂

      • Hej from Sweden!
        I do love to travel but mostly my travel these days are to visit my daughter or on a business trip for Li’l Sis Goat Milk Soap. You might want to try a bar.Great for the skin. I ship worldwide. Our babies are just the cutest and my mommies were well taken care of even through pregnancy so they are nice and healthy and happy. I’m so glad your little babies are growing and their beautiful soft feathers are coming in. they are so cute!

      • Your travel is so much fun it sounds though even if it business. Seems both our babies are getting some needed sun and care 🙂

      • Hej from Sweden!
        To have a balanced life one must play as hard as they work, and I do. I am so glad your babies are out in the sun. My older goats are out in the sun and wind but our little babies are still in the stable. One step at a time; I will be letting out each mother and their baby to explore the stable. Baby steps… Then when the sun is really nice and the wind has died down, the mothers and babies will move out to their baby play yards, front and back, in rotation.

  5. Wow! they have grown, they are beautiful! & Chase is so handsome looking after them! I hope soon this weather will get better for you and them 🙂

    • They have grown and now that they are outside they seem to love it 🙂 Chase is their guardian and only he can mess with them 😉 There is supposed to be rain though Wednesday so hopefully it will be nice this weekend so I can get out in the garden again and get some panels put on the coop. Hope you have a good week and get some sun 🙂

    • I had them as a kid and now as an adult I finally had enough space and a helpful hubby to be able to be a chicken keeper again 🙂 It is fun and a lot of work. I hope you can get them someday too 🙂

  6. How wonderfully green it is there. So enjoy seeing that your dog has learned how to properly be around you chickens. I always worry each year that he will suddenly be tempted by a flighty chicken, but he always appoints them a protector.

    • It took a lot of training and patience still to remind them, but they are smart boys who love to protect their “girls”. Chase will still try to pounce on a flighty chicken if she gets too rambunctious, but he is easily redirected back to his training. I just love watching the chickens and dogs in the yard together 🙂

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