Month: April 2013

Soft Breeze

Today was a productive day despite my migraine. We got a lot done that I will post about later this week 🙂 Wow it was a busy day… but a beautiful one. It got up into the 70* and at times was a little warm… but I didn’t mind it was a nice change from the cold and windy weather. The wind today was … Read More Soft Breeze

Saturday Sun

Hello Readers, Followers, and Guests…. Spring is trying to arrive. The sun has been out for the second day in a row and despite the cooler wind you can feel the warmth trying to break through. The dogs have been out since we got up this morning playing with the chickens and barking at people coming by the driveway. I hope the wind will … Read More Saturday Sun

Honking at me…

Hubby and I were out and I finally had my camera when we went by the train tracks… and a train was coming.I stuck my head out the window to get a good shot and the train conductor gave me a few sounds of his whistle… then he waved 🙂 I couldn’t catch him waving in a picture, but it made me smile. Since … Read More Honking at me…

Chickies ‘Outside the Box’

Our chicks are three weeks old and have wings… 🙂Look at those wings… They are so cute 😉 I just love chickens growing wings. They are just so fluffy, fuzzy, and frizzled 🙂 This chick was having a bad hair day and was messing around in my laundry… funny girl. 😉The chicks got out of their box house briefly today to wander in our brick … Read More Chickies ‘Outside the Box’

Gratitude in Change

It was a nice day again outside of the wind that just pounds our area over the past few years. I am grateful for the sun today and warmer temperatures that are coming. I have been going though another season of acceptance and change as spring begins to come. Do you go though those…you hear or see something that hits home with something you are struggle with, and it … Read More Gratitude in Change

Two Birdies

It was a nice day today, outside of the wind… It was nice to see the sun and have temperatures over 50*. Hubby and I took a drive this afternoon to get some supplies at the farm store and took the pups with us. Chase road most of the time with his head out the window until it got too windy for that. We only … Read More Two Birdies