Chickens and Watermelon

Since it has been so hot out off and on for the past week we have been enjoying the first watermelons of the season. Once the rinds are mostly clean the chickens get to peck them clean. This I found out is a favorite summer treat for the chickens (yes I know it is still spring).Chicks watermelonSo when I threw out some rinds the other day it was the baby buff’s fist experience with watermelon. At first as with any new treat we have given them they watch the big girls for a few seconds, then the ‘brave two’ as we call them, dive right in and follow the lady red’ chick watermelonSo with any new treat we have to make sure we spread out the treats so the baby’s have a chance to get some. This time the baby buff’s had gotten some of the rind eaten as a big lady red walked by…Chkn walk byThen attempted to steal the rind a couple of baby buffs were working on. Big chick breaks inThe ‘brave two’ watched…Chickens fruitBefore getting back in on the action.Chciks fruit It is great to watch the new buff’s figure out how to be chickens and enjoy treats as the older lady reds do 🙂 If you have never tried this with your chickens, give it a try… I know it will give you some entertainment 🙂

Blessed Time

Wow was it another beautiful morning and evening. It got a little hot and humid in the middle of the day, but you couldn’t beat the beautiful sunset and warm evening. I got to spend this morning at home again… wow can I get any luckier 🙂 My client canceled on me and I didn’t have another until after 1 so I got to spend the morning working around the house and even going to the grocery store to pick up a couple things we really needed. The dogs were just loving the warm sun and being outside for the majority of another morning.)Chase n barnI didn’t take this photo of Chase today (he posed for me a couple days ago), but it does show what this day was like. I was happy to be at work in the heat of the day and even more happy to be home in the morning and late evening when it was just beautiful 🙂 I have felt so blessed the last couple of days to be able to have this time at home to take care of things.. it made me feel more human and more like I actually have a life 😉 Sometimes work just takes up so much of my time that I forget that my family (pets included) and my home are my joy. It is nice to have time to clean and organize and not have to do it after work when I am tired or on the weekends. I so enjoy the little animal care I get to do with the chickens and dogs. It was nice to be able to go above and beyond in their care the last couple of days to make things even nicer for them then we already try to do. Hopefully someday animal care will be my full time job 🙂

Happy Surprise

This morning was a happy surprise. I was supposed to attend a training for work all morning. I found out last night I could try to attend online though one of those meeting sites our company had set up so those who couldn’t make it could still attend and listen on their computers. So I got to be home all morning listening to the training while doing a lot I wanted to… cleaning the house, washing eggs, letting the dogs in and out, playing with the dogs, organizing, washing dishes… and the list goes on. When I passed by the big window that looks out towards the back of the property I saw this….CardinalA male cardinal sitting on the fence watching the chickens, then watching other things in the back field. It was a nice warm morning so I had the back screen door open to let in some air. In the middle of a busy week it was nice to be able to relax, even while ‘technically’ doing my job 🙂 It was also nice to be home at the time of day I have energy to do things I have been putting off, as time and energy have been little.  It started my day off well and made me very happy to spend extra time with my pups in the middle of the week 🙂 Hope you are having a happy and blessed Wednesday 🙂

Appreciation in Moments of Time…

I was talking with a friend today at lunch and we got on the subject of appreciation and time. We were discussing how hard it is to find time to do things, yet when it comes  to people and our animals one rule stands true…. Chase face

You will never regret a moment spent with someone you love. but will regret any moment you chose not to because you are in a rush, have a perceived more pressing need, are in a bad mood. etc.

Looking back I have never regretted a time when I stopped to give the dogs an extra pat or love, hubby a kiss, or answer a phone call from a friend. No matter how busy I get if I remember that my job will be there for me to do 5 minutes from now, or that pot on the stove will do just fine on low heat… I will have my priorities straight and appreciate the love that is right in front of me. I challenge you this week to stop and take those extra moments to love the people and your pets that are right there waiting and appreciating every extra moment you give them. Let me know how it goes for you 🙂

AND… Happy Memorial Day! In memory and thankfulness to all of those fallen soldiers and their families for their sacrifice. Please pray for those who are currently serving for safety for them and their families as well as for the veterans and future service members… without these willing service members who knows where we would be 🙂

Turkey Talk

We had a visitor the other day that drove the dogs nuts…. Turkey 2A turkey was running down our back road and dodging in and out of our yard and the woods across the road. The dogs were barking and we couldn’t see why until the turkey darted out from behind a tree . He/she proceeded to then cross the road as I came out with camera in hand… (I promise I was quiet 😉 )Turkey 1He/or she made it to the other side right as our neighbor came down the road…Turkey 3The dogs were not satisfied until the turkey was well into the woods and out of site. They then settled back down to continue the nap the turkey had interrupted 🙂

Buffs Month 2 1/2

The baby buff’s are quite a bunch. They oriented to the outside quickly and after a couple of weeks are now trying to get in with the big ladies our Rhode Islands. They are so cute running across the yard after the big girls their bottoms just a moving…buff cick runThey are getting bigger this past couple of week as it seems between 2 months and 2 months 2 weeks they stalled out in the growth department for a bit. Now they are starting to look like a chicken and loosing those baby features….Buff chick faceAs the Rhode Islands did too…Big chicks faceThe baby buff’s are also more brave taking over some of the big girls space like laying on their ramp from their laying house…Buffs on walkDusting in the coop run…Buffs DustAnd they are trying to at times get in on the snacking action when treats are thrown out…Buff StandsThey are such soft girls I just love how soft their feathers are. They are a little more skittish as we didn’t handle the as much as we should have early on, but they are getting used to us picking them up and holding them.Buff chick They also now don’t run when we come into the coop they see the big ladies surrounding us and they come right along. They have learned to love scratch and the occasional food treats we throw to them. Some are braver than other’s, but isn’t that how it is with anything 🙂

God is Shaping Me…

I had a precious friend give me some advice today. She knows we are struggling with infertility and contemplating our options. She told me a few things … the most important is to trust in God even when we don’t see the plan… be faithful and trust he is going to give us the desires of our heart. She also reminded me of something I say a lot which is… I’m not perfect God is always working on my heart and me as a person. Change sometimes is natural and doesn’t cause much disruption and much of the time change for the better is hard and can be painful at times. It’s hard to change a lifelong behavior or belief, but it can be done and more easily done when God is helping me. Purple TulipI am a Type A person so this need for a dramatic change in this area of my life is going to be hard, but God does love me and knows what is best. He knows the desires of my heart and I am faithfully working to follow him each and every moment of the day 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s that day again… Mother’s Day 🙂 A day we get to thank our moms and grandmother’s for all they have done for us. To all mom’s/ grandmother’s, biological, adopted, found, like- a-mom, and animal mom’s (puppy moms, etc.)… Baxter, Chase, Hubby, the chickens, and I wish you all a … HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 🙂Yellow TulipTo my mom…Thank you for all you do… I love you… Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

A Purple Tree Day

The trees in our front yard are so pretty when they bloom. This purple flower tree is one of my favorites and today gave me a smile as I had to go back to work and was still sick (about 80%).  Purple TreeWhen I see the tree it makes me hopeful and happy. It makes me think of a simpler time, a time when the world was not worried about ‘global’ warming, and you could lay on the grass staring up at flowers on a tree and not worry 🙂 With so much going on in hubby’s and my life it is nice to think of simpler things and beautiful things. It is nice to see a tree blooming in all its glory and enjoying a part of God’s beauty. My mom comes up for the weekend tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. I hope the weather will not be as bad as they say… if it is we will make the best of it. Happy pre-weekend 🙂

Sick and Chicks

Sorry I have been MIA… I have been very very sick with bronchitis. I didn’t take good care of myself as I was trying to get things done and then I had to go to the doctor. By Friday I had to stay home from work and sleep all day… so unlike me 😦  Saturday I slept all morning and then helped hubby outside for a short time after he got home. Sunday we had to finish loading up my father to go to FL and then get things done we needed to. Monday we got my Dad off and then we had a lot of outside stuff to get done before the rain hit. Today I am needing rest as this yucky sickness is not gone. The pups have been doing well helping us and then staying quiet when we need a rest 🙂Chkn littleWe also have been spending this past week getting the new chicks incorporated into the flock and used to being outside. When we have been home they get to come out of the coop (if they want) and roam in the big chickens area. So far the big chickens and baby’s pretty much keep to themselves and only pass each other by. When there is food the big chicks dominate and the buffs pretty much given in and get out of the way. There is already a baby buff that is an escape artist and can get outside the fence (yet needs help getting back in). All seems well so far and the baby buff’s already know to go back in their house at night and have learned to roost.  I hope as the buff’s get bigger things stay as calm as they are now (I am not holding my breath). I am sure there will be some pushing for domination when it come to food sharing and especially treats. Hopefully the buff’s will learn to push their way in and get some treats. We shall see 🙂