The trees in our front yard are so pretty when they bloom. This purple flower tree is one of my favorites and today gave me a smile as I had to go back to work and was still sick (about 80%).  Purple TreeWhen I see the tree it makes me hopeful and happy. It makes me think of a simpler time, a time when the world was not worried about ‘global’ warming, and you could lay on the grass staring up at flowers on a tree and not worry 🙂 With so much going on in hubby’s and my life it is nice to think of simpler things and beautiful things. It is nice to see a tree blooming in all its glory and enjoying a part of God’s beauty. My mom comes up for the weekend tomorrow and I am looking forward to it. I hope the weather will not be as bad as they say… if it is we will make the best of it. Happy pre-weekend 🙂

16 Comments on “A Purple Tree Day

    • Very I love their color. We got a small redbud and planted it a few weeks ago because they are so pretty 🙂

      • I hadn’t heard of that variety… I will look it up 🙂 Our redbud tree is pretty tall and big. It creates a nice cover from the front road 🙂

      • Put the right plant in right spot then everything can be beautiful and without problem!

        You can google redbud ‘Lavender Twist’ to learn more about it and see many pictures of this variety.

  1. What a beautiful tree – thanks for sharing.
    No wonder you feel good looking at it.

    • I am sorry it is a grey day, but I am glad you are getting the moisture you need 🙂 Have a good weekend too and happy mother’s day 🙂

  2. I pray you feel 100% better and have a great weekend with your mom! I want a purple tree too!!! Mine are white and yes flowering trees are beautiful and remind me of simple times too. Have a happy day!

    • Thank you I hope I do too 🙂 You should get a redbud tree too. They are not too expensive (you can get a good sized one for about 35-45 $) and they are easy to plant. We have white flowering trees too an they are pretty too 🙂 You have a happy weekend 🙂

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