I had a precious friend give me some advice today. She knows we are struggling with infertility and contemplating our options. She told me a few things … the most important is to trust in God even when we don’t see the plan… be faithful and trust he is going to give us the desires of our heart. She also reminded me of something I say a lot which is… I’m not perfect God is always working on my heart and me as a person. Change sometimes is natural and doesn’t cause much disruption and much of the time change for the better is hard and can be painful at times. It’s hard to change a lifelong behavior or belief, but it can be done and more easily done when God is helping me. Purple TulipI am a Type A person so this need for a dramatic change in this area of my life is going to be hard, but God does love me and knows what is best. He knows the desires of my heart and I am faithfully working to follow him each and every moment of the day 🙂

32 Comments on “God is Shaping Me…

  1. Bittersweet by Shauna Niquist. My neighbor told me about his book a few days ago as she knows I have family dealing with infertility issues. I haven’t read it….but she say sit is awesome. ♥♥♥

  2. Everyone’s story is different, so I’m not suggesting you’ll end up with a “solution” at all similar to theirs, but my cousin and his wife had this very struggle, and a year ago adopted a beautiful little boy. My cousin’s wife has a blog on Blogspot you might enjoy checking out. You can find it here:


  3. Hej from Sweden!

    A personal question to a personal post; have you and your husband considered adopting. There are so many babies and little ones in our world today needing loving homes. They would find so much love in your home to erase their unhappy beginnings. Just a thought ….

  4. Great post! God knows us better than we know ourselves. Praying you will soon see the desires of your heart sweet friend. Hugs

  5. Praying for you, I understand, my life was messed up with previous abuse by my ex husband, I never had children and now that I am married to the right man and a wonderful godly husband, and now that I want to have children with my husband, I am unable to, its too late now and that makes me sad, but I am okay with it, because of the life God brought me out of and literally saved my life from, that I thank God for the blessings I do have even if it isn’t children. I pray for you and will continue to pray that God blesses you with your desire, God loves us and I am sure he will satisfy your heart. Have a blessed day.

    • I am sorry to hear that about your story, you are a strong lady to get out of a bad situation 🙂 God does love us and I feel he wouldn’t let a desire of my heart grow so much if it wasn’t meant to be 🙂 Thanks for your comment 🙂

  6. When we can learn to completely put things in His hands and then trust Him, we are rewarded with His greatest blessings. He knows His plans for us and none of them include defeat. He has great plans for all of us and a lot of times we are the ones to delay the outcome! 🙂

    • I agree that is why we are trying to trust Him even when things have been tough (very tough). We have been doing a lot of trusting and are now awaiting His blessings. I don’t think I am doing anything to delay anything (I hope not anyways), I think more it is just not time… His time not mine 😉

    • I am lucky to have her in my life 🙂 I try to be positive and hopeful it makes things easier (even when things are not easy) and I think it helps others too 🙂

  7. Hello, Just came to check out your chickens and saw this post. Strangely I am going through the same thing and have had the most difficult of times. Sending love and understanding your way.

    • Though my blogging journey I have found it interesting how our blogs bring us together when we have similar circumstances. I am here (you can always e-mail me) if you need an understanding ear. I will keep you in my prayers for your blessing- I am trying to trust in God’s timing, even when it is very hard and lonely 🙂

      • Thankyou 🙂 We have had the most incredibly rough year so far and just going day by day right now and seeing the beauty in everything. I am here for you if ever you need understanding too 🙂

      • I understand rough years my hubby and I are in our 3rd right now. Like you we are working to see the blessings and increase our satisfaction with what is going well even when it is not a lot. I appreciate your support and understanding. I look forward to further comments with you on our blogs 🙂

  8. My heart goes out to you. We couldn’t have children for nearly 10 years, then adopted, then had our biological daughter. Both our children have had major problems of various kinds, but I treasure them. Perhaps the years of waiting gave us a perspective we needed to get through the challenges. I know that the right thing will happen for you and your husband.

    I see you’ve considered adopting; I would like to say that I have also seen many extremely successful fostering arrangements that have resulted in true families.

    Bless you.

    • Thank you for sharing this with me. It gives me hope and makes me feel less alone. We are exploring all options and are open to whatever God wants 🙂 I am glad despite the challenges you have big blessings with your kiddos 🙂 Thank you again for sharing and blessings to you also 🙂

  9. I am praying for you! My husband and I had our first (biological) son then infertility issues. We adopted a domestic infant girl and God totally threw her in our laps. The lack of control is difficult to manage, but God is refining you by fire (1 Peter 1) and we know our ultimate prize is for forever! I pray you don’t grow too disheartened! PS Love your blog and I’m still trying to sell my hubby on the hobby farm idea. Chickens and gardening are his limit currently 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment and understanding. It has been a trying last couple of years and is really testing us to our last string. We have felt fire. I am trying to not get too disheartened and people like you who understand do help 🙂
      I am so happy you enjoy my blog. We are still working on Phase 1 of the ranch/farm plan- finding the land 😉 Hope your hubby coms around, but it is a lot of work 😉

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