Blessed Time

Wow was it another beautiful morning and evening. It got a little hot and humid in the middle of the day, but you couldn’t beat the beautiful sunset and warm evening. I got to spend this morning at home again… wow can I get any luckier 🙂 My client canceled on me and I didn’t have another until after 1 so I got to spend the morning working around the house and even going to the grocery store to pick up a couple things we really needed. The dogs were just loving the warm sun and being outside for the majority of another morning.)Chase n barnI didn’t take this photo of Chase today (he posed for me a couple days ago), but it does show what this day was like. I was happy to be at work in the heat of the day and even more happy to be home in the morning and late evening when it was just beautiful 🙂 I have felt so blessed the last couple of days to be able to have this time at home to take care of things.. it made me feel more human and more like I actually have a life 😉 Sometimes work just takes up so much of my time that I forget that my family (pets included) and my home are my joy. It is nice to have time to clean and organize and not have to do it after work when I am tired or on the weekends. I so enjoy the little animal care I get to do with the chickens and dogs. It was nice to be able to go above and beyond in their care the last couple of days to make things even nicer for them then we already try to do. Hopefully someday animal care will be my full time job 🙂