Since it has been so hot out off and on for the past week we have been enjoying the first watermelons of the season. Once the rinds are mostly clean the chickens get to peck them clean. This I found out is a favorite summer treat for the chickens (yes I know it is still spring).Chicks watermelonSo when I threw out some rinds the other day it was the baby buff’s fist experience with watermelon. At first as with any new treat we have given them they watch the big girls for a few seconds, then the ‘brave two’ as we call them, dive right in and follow the lady red’ chick watermelonSo with any new treat we have to make sure we spread out the treats so the baby’s have a chance to get some. This time the baby buff’s had gotten some of the rind eaten as a big lady red walked by…Chkn walk byThen attempted to steal the rind a couple of baby buffs were working on. Big chick breaks inThe ‘brave two’ watched…Chickens fruitBefore getting back in on the action.Chciks fruit It is great to watch the new buff’s figure out how to be chickens and enjoy treats as the older lady reds do 🙂 If you have never tried this with your chickens, give it a try… I know it will give you some entertainment 🙂

20 Comments on “Chickens and Watermelon

  1. I miss living in the country. We loved leaving the melons out for the critters. They would clean em up every time! Your blog rocks ♪ ♫ ♪

    • Oh thank you so much… I love the music notes how did you get those? I love the country and am avoidant of the city if I can help it. I wish we were even more in the country and had less suburbia neighbors as close as they even are now. Lots of land and a few good neighbors is our dream 🙂 Maybe someday you will be back in the country 🙂

    • Hummm… that is unusual… all chickens I have been around (even as a child) love most fruit… maybe you have a different bread then I have been around before? You can just enjoy fruit eating chickens though my post I don’t mind sharing 😉

    • Oh… mine love watermelon and most fruits and veggies 🙂 I just love to watch them peck at old and new things to snack on ♪♪ So happy you liked the photos ♫

  2. I love this… And sorry for the grief you’ve taken from trying to give a positive word of advice. Keep it up, sister!

    • Thank you very much for your support… I know there are many negative people out there not wanting to take responsibility for their behavior or improve themselves… I just try to encourage all things positive as people like you get it and it is nice to have understanding 🙂 So thank you again ♫

  3. Aww, what pretty girls! Mine nearly run me over once they see me come out the door with melon in my hand. Now I almost have guilt on days when there are no rinds to share!

    Oh – to make music notes…hold down Alt+13 ♪ and Alt+14 ♫. 🙂

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