Month: June 2013

Friendly Weekend

It is the weekend again. It was a mostly productive week and we got many things completed we needed to. The new roosts for the chickens are in, the front porch is done, the yard is mowed/trimmed… We are having some friends over for a cookout tomorrow and are looking forward to it 🙂 They are friends we have had for about 8 or so … Read More Friendly Weekend

New Flower Garden

While hubby and I were fixing up our front porch we used some of the extra concrete to fill in some holes by the side walkway to our house. It left quite a mess in the grass area so I tried to figure out how to get rid of or cover up the mess… then it came to me… add a slightly raised flower … Read More New Flower Garden

Baxter’s Favorite Treat

Most dogs love peanut butter… they love peanut butter by it self, peanut butter treats, peanut butter stuffed bones, and many other things. My Baxter loves to lick the peanut butter jar clean…He will sit there for as long as it takes to lick all the peanut butter out… mummmm….nummy…But you better not try to take the jar away before he is done or … Read More Baxter’s Favorite Treat

Happy B-Day to….

My mom… This past weekend my mom was up to celebrate her birthday. We had a grand time going to the farmers markets, antique stores, and other shopping. We made her  a big dinner on the BBQ with her own birthday dessert 🙂 It was a lot of fun and we all had a good time 🙂 In honor of her here are some things … Read More Happy B-Day to….

Chip Chocolate Spice Cookies

So I made up a gluten-free and dairy- free cookie (at least from the recipes I have ever seen I have made up a recipe) and I am pretty proud of it as it has won over every person who has tried it. No one could tell it was dairy and gluten-free. Now don’t get scared of the spice in the cookies, it is just … Read More Chip Chocolate Spice Cookies

Father’s Day…

For the last couple of years while we have been trying to conceive mother’s and father’s days are a bitter sweet thing. We enjoy spending time with our parents, but also have a secret part of our heart that wants this day for us. Not for cards, or gifts, or selfish reasons…. but to know we have been blessed by God with a child. … Read More Father’s Day…

A little work never hurt…

What a weekend… the only time I got to sit still was when I was driving to and from my little brother’s graduation party yesterday and when I was asleep. The party was a success and I am so proud of him. Other then that I have been on the go… celebrating, yard work, gardening, calking the front porch, laundry, mowing, cleaning the chicken coop, and I … Read More A little work never hurt…

Roses and Rain

We had a few nice days in a row here, now there is rain predicted for the next three. I am not too excited about that, but it will do the garden good. The rain last week helped my flowers and vegetables to grow as you can see from this rose-bush…Now I have a few more things to put in the garden if the … Read More Roses and Rain

Dog and Chicken Musings

Welcome to the start of another week. Do you know the best part of a new week? For me it is a fresh start… last weeks mess ups are behind me and I get to decide what I am going to do for this week to make it better if I can. It is a great day to take a look at things and … Read More Dog and Chicken Musings